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(Tuesday, 8 October 2002)

WATER:  Test results of the water samples taken from the newly cleaned cisterns and overhead tanks will be ready late this week.

TRAFFIC:  A big number of alumni, friends and visitors came to buy UAAP tickets for last Saturday's game, causing traffic on campus.

Off campus, the unannounced rerouting at the Aurora-Katipunan junction last Wednesday noon caught motorists by surprise.  MMDA is still observing whether the new traffic scheme will improve traffic flow.

Over at Gate 3, the Quezon City Engineer's Office finally repaired potholes along F. de la Rosa Street last Friday.  F. dela Rosa was closed to traffic most of Friday.  On Saturday, potholes in the alley connecting Bonifacio Avenue to the northbound Katipunan service road were also patched up.

The planned start of the "Drop and Ride Scheme" traffic reduction program on Tuesday, 8 October will not push through.  In a meeting last Friday with MMDA and bus operators' representatives, the Ateneo parents requested for the postponement of the program to 11 November.  The parents requested for more time to disseminate the scheme to the rest of the community.

Freak Accident:  At 7:50 this morning, a tricycle unloaded a passenger in the vicinity of Fr. Masterson-Paseo de Reiley junction.  A northbound car following the tricycle started to accelerate after passing the road hump, it hit the tricycle.  The driver was thrown off the tricycle but inadvertently engaged the tricycle gear and pressed the accelerator bar.  The tricycle dragged the passenger who had gotten off but was in front of the tricycle to the ditch on the side of the road. The passenger and tricycle driver suffered bruises.  Both were sent to the hospital for further check-up.   

Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation081002.htm

Left picture shows the tricycle on its side down the ravine.  The middle picture shows the car that bumped the tricycle and the tricycle driver beside the car.  Right picture shows the site of the accident, which is near the former drivers' waiting shed, referred to by the students as the "cat house".

This accident calls attention to the controversial issue of loading and unloading zones during rush hours.  This concern needs further study and consultation with the community.  While it is a given that pedestrians have right of way on campus, there is a need for loading and unloading zones during rush hours.

SECURITY:  Normally overnight parking on campus is allowed only for a limited number of cars.  However, an exception was made last Wednesday night for those who camped out on campus starting Wednesday evening to buy UAAP tickets early the next day.

At 3:30 a.m. last Thursday morning, the guards reported almost five hundred (500) cars near the College Covered Courts.  More cars were parked at the Blue Eagle Gym.  For security reasons, the guards listed all the persons who were entering the campus Thursday morning.  At the College Covered Courts, eight hundred ninety two (892) persons were listed.  Approximately two thousand eight hundred seventy-two (2,872) persons were counted as of 9:00 a.m. at the Blue Eagle Gym.  The lists, prepared by the guards and student volunteers served as basis for the sale of the tickets on a first come, first served basis.  All told, the guards listed some 3,908 persons. However, many were not able to get tickets because they were not alumni and proxies were not honored.

An attempted robbery occurred in an office during the thanksgiving mass on Saturday night.  Although the doorknob and double lock were damaged, nothing was reported stolen.  The outer glass door and grill were not damaged nor broken into.  The PNP came Sunday afternoon after the incident was reported in the morning.  Investigation is still ongoing.

Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation081002.htm

Left picture shows the damaged door.  Note that the doorknob is damaged and the deadlock is missing.  The middle picture shows the other side of the door with missing doorknob and deadlock.  Right picture shows part of the doorknob near a office desk.  

Today a student left his car keys at the driver's door (PGB 700) at the North carpark.  Last 3 October, two cars were broken into, one at the Loyola House of Studies carpark and the other at South carpark behind the SEC.

A large crowd is expected this Saturday, 12 October to mark Ateneo's UAAP championship this year.  Alumni, friends, and intruders are expected to join the celebration.  To deter break-ins in offices and parked vehicles, additional security lights will be installed and more guards will be deployed.

MAINTENANCE:  The former cornfield is being improved so the area will be presentable on Saturday.  At the same time a compost pit is being dug for biodegradable waste generated on campus everyday.


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