[Blueboard] SEEK 29766 - There's More Than One Way to Send Your Prayers

Rowena Marquez jcf at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Fri Oct 4 12:11:13 PHT 2002

Jesuit Communications is once again launching another project.  This
time, it's not an album, a book, or a video.  It has something to do
with what your thumb does on your cellphone.

Hmmm.....dial a number?  Nope. Text?  Yes!

Jesuit Communications into texting?  You bet!  Due to the rapid
evolution of communications technology, JesCom is now presented with
another avenue for evangelizing to the youth.  Called SEEK 29766, this
project is envisioned to be a JesCom portal for linking up with those
searching for meaning.  Aside from the more common services of ringtones
and logos, SEEK 29766 offers texters a chance to send prayer requests,
to link up with fellow seekers, and to avail of a daily service of
inspirational messages.

JesCom is launching SEEK 29766 on October 4, 2002 as a new way to
receive God's message or pray to Him for help or in thanksgiving ---
through text.  It will be launched at the concert, Treasures in Earthen
Vessels, at 5:30 PM, Angelo King Multi-Purpose Hall, Xavier School.
Watch out for it also on the October 6 episode of Sundays for Skeptics,
Studio 23, 8 - 9 AM.

By typing in keywords and sending to 29766, both Globe and Smart
subscribers will have access to different services that help us get a
better signal:

By texting PRAY,  subscribers can send their prayer requests that will
be included in a daily Mass and the prayer intentions of Jesuit priests
and brothers.  It will also be offered at Sundays for Skeptics, JesCom's
TV Mass on Studio 23, 8 -9 AM.

By texting GM, users will receive inspirational messages. GM, short for
God Matters, is a special feature of SEEK 29766 that allows us to remain
refreshed and recharged each day.

By keying in TONE, users can download ringtones of their favorite Jesuit
hymns such as "I Will Sing Forever," "Anima Christi," and "Humayo't

Keying in LOGO will allow subscribers to download special operator logos
for their phones.

Keying in PIC wiill allow users to download inspiring messages to send
to friends and loved ones.

Typing in REG will allow subscribers to avail of special promos and
receive new of special events organized to link up with fellow seekers.

Typing in FDBK allows the subscribers to send in their comments and
suggestions.  Jesuit Communications will reply to these through e-mail.

And this is just the beginning!  More SEEK 29766 services are on the
way, tuning in your SOS via text.

So when you need to have a special prayer sent to Him, in thanksgiving
or to ask for His help, remember SEEK 29766 --- because there's more
than one way to send your prayers.
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