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(Wednesday, 2 October 2002)

WATER: The Ateneo Department of Biology Microbiology Laboratory found the samples from the following cisterns, overhead tanks and drinking fountains to conform with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water: 

  1.. Grade School cistern            13. High School cistern           25. Jesuit Residence cistern
  2.. Berchmans fountain              14. MLSC cistern                   26. JR overhead tank
  3.. Belarmine fountain                15. Xavier cistern                    27. LHS overhead A
  4.. Colayco fountain                  16. Main cistern                      28. LHS overhead B
  5.. Faura fountain                      17. Common cistern                29. ISO cistern
  6.. Gonzaga Canteen fountain    18. Cervini cistern                   30. APS Rockwell cistern
  7.. Kostka fountain                   19. Eliazo cistern                     31. APS Rockwell overhead tank
  8.. Social Science fountain         20. SEC cistern                      32. APS Salcedo cistern
  9.. SEC A fountain                    21. Alingal overhead tank        33. APS Salcedo overhead tank
  10.. SEC C fountain                    22. SEC A overhead tank 
  11.. P.E. Clubhouse fountain       23. SEC B overhead tank 
  12.. P.E. fountain                        24. SDC cistern

The water samples that did not conform to the standards are:

  1.. Pollock Renewal Center overhead tank.
  2.. Faculty Housing cistern.
  3.. SEC C overhead tank.
  4.. PLDT CTC overhead tank.
  5.. J.G. SOM overhead tank.

Remedial measures have already been taken to clearn these tanks and cisterns. 

It should be pointed out that the PLDT CTC and J.G.SOM facilities have not been turned over by the building contractor to the University yet. Just the same the University Physical Plant included samples from the overhead tanks for testing because they are being used already.

TRAFFIC: The Grade School's Feast of the Guardian Angel was a big success. Approximately 1,915 cars transported students and visitors to the Grade School complex last Friday, 27 September. Traffic was heaviest on the last day of the three-day affair, when over 3,000 cars converged on campus. Parking was tight but the Grade School parents and their drivers did a good job in making the affair run smoothly without any incident. 

Vehicular accidents on campus have decreased in September as shown below:

                                                                        June      July      August      September

Reported accidents:                                           12          7           20               12
Reported car break-in:                                        0           0           2                  0
Cars found unlocked or open:                              -            -           -                  9

Last night, 1 October the car of a faculty member was found unlocked at the Cefam parking area. Fortunately nothing was stolen. He was requested to lock his car. The community is again reminded to be more careful. 

MMDA Chairman Bayani F. Fernando visited the campus early yesterday morning at the Grade School Cafeteria to present his proposed "Drop and Ride Scheme" traffic reduction program. The discussion was productive and it was decided to try out the scheme. 

Mrs. Pacita Rosalinda Y. Aquirre, Mrs. Merceditas V. Tuazon and Mrs. Tutti Crisol represented parents from the Grade School, High School and Loyola Schools. They took time out to attend another meeting at the MMDA office to work out the details. The scheme will be tried out on Tuesday, 8 October. Ateneo is fortunate to have concerned and active parents. 

SECURITY: The incidence of losses in offices appears to be on the decline as shown below:

MAY      JUN      JUL      AUG      SEPT

Reported and investigated:                                           1             2          6            7             2

There are indications that internal security measures instituted by the different units have been effective. Campus security has no record of individual losses as these are reported directly to the school units. Losses still occur and are expected to increase towards the Christmas season. There is no substitute for vigilance in countering attempts by intruders who manage to enter the campus. 


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                                                                     Situation Report of 2 October 2002 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm

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