[Blueboard] Ateneo Employee and Guests Passes for Bazaar

Efren Debulgado efren at admu.edu.ph
Tue Nov 26 16:52:54 PHT 2002

Date: 25 November 2002
To: All Ateneo Employees
From: Office of Planning and Development and Alumni Affairs
Re: Eagles of Hope Christmas Bazaar
Revisions to Procedures for Ateneo Employee/Guest Passes

This is with reference to the meeting held last November 20, 2002
with representatives of the different Ateneo employee departments
and sectors. All employee departments are invited to send at
least one (1) representative to a final briefing on Thursday,
November 28, 2002 at the conference room of the OPDAA, 2/F Xavier
Hall at 4:30 p.m.

1. All employees may enter the Eagles of Hope Bazaar on Saturday,
November 30 and Sunday, December 1, 2002 for free. Each employee
can bring with him seven (7) companions for each day of the
bazaar or a total of fourteen (14) over the 2 days.
2. To enter, employees and their guests need to present the
Ateneo Employee/Guest Pass. The passes can be used for any of the
two days of the bazaar.
3. The requested information on the pass (name of employee,
Ateneo department, name of guest, date) NEED NOT BE FILLED UP TO
4. To maintain some level of control, not all the passes that
employees are entitled to will be released to the departments
prior to the bazaar.
5. Employee departments will receive an allotment of passes based
on the number of employees they have. It is totally the
discretion of the departments how they allot their passes to
their employees.
6. Each department in the Ateneo de Manila will receive their
allotment of passes ON OR BEFORE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2002.
7. Additional passes for all employees and their companions will
be available at registration tables by the entrance of the
bazaar. All employees need to do is show their school i.d’s and
present their companions and the passes will be issued.
8. If the passes are to be credited to the employee
department/sector, it must be surrendered to the authorized
representative at the gate and ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION MUST BE
9. When the passes are tabulated post-bazaar, the following must
be observed:
a. The name of employee, department, date, and guest are written
on the pass.
b. Each employee may only have a maximum of seven (7) guests
credited to him/her for each day of the bazaar.
10. For any clarifications, please call Lara at 426-6081

Sincerely yours,

Director – Alumni Affairs

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