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(Tuesday, 26 November 2002)

COMMUNICATION: The current pusit.admu.edu.ph email server is congested, unreliable and slow. The Campus Network Group (CNG) announced last 13 November that the new email server, mail.ateneo.edu is now ready to host the new user accounts under the ateneo.edu domain. It is intended as an upgrade and replacement for accounts of Ateneo de Manila University personnel. The campaign to encourage all Ateneo personnel to shift to the new email server will be intensified in the next two weeks. The objective is to improve email services in the University.

WATER: Upgrading of Manila Water Company's (MWC) distribution lines and periodic maintenance have been resulted in weak water pressure on campus. Adversely affected are the High School Complex and the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center. El Nino has not affected the campus.

The case worsened when the construction project used water overnight from the High School cistern, leaving the High School without water the following day. The construction managers have been told to tap directly from MWC's line. 

SECURITY: Two men held up a senior AB Pre-Div student in front of the BPI ATM beside the Pancake House and KFC across Ateneo's Gate 3 at 8:15 p.m. last 17 November 2002. The student resisted and was able to get away. However, his left forearm was slashed. The wound required six stitches later on. Shown below is the ATM at the unlighted corner beside a boarded construction site. 

Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter261102.htm  

The BPI ATM is unguarded and not easily seen by passers-by especially when it is covered by parked vehicles. The KFC guard is helpful but since his area of responsibility is some distance away and he is not able to assist immediately. 

The community is advised not to use this BPI ATM because:

  1.. The area is dangerously dark and unguarded.

  2.. Several students have been robbed in the area, including a coed who lost PhP25,000.00 when she gave her ATM PIN to a man who offered to help when her ATM card got stuck in the machine.

There are over 600 construction workers on campus because of simultaneous construction and renovation projects. On the whole, the workers have observed campus construction rules. Only two have been fired for breaking the rules: one was roaming on campus late at night and another caught entering the campus under the influence of liquor.

Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter261102.htm  

Restituto Reginio 

Helper, JAR Construction Services

A third worker was recently fired for harassing a coed. The coed filed a complaint to ADSA and the complaint was relayed to UPPA. On the same day the complaint was received, the contractor concerned was asked to investigate and take appropriate action. The culprit claimed he meant no harm. But his coworkers attested to his unbecoming conduct and violation of the guidelines. Restituto Reginio was paid his full wages and sent home to Batangas on the same day. 

The incidence of cell phone snatching along Katipunan Road is again increasing. This was not the case months before when police presence was visible along Katipunan. The PNP will be requested to have the area patrolled more frequently. In the meantime, the community is advised to be vigilant as the Christmas season nears.

An incident that jolted the community recently was the recent robbery at the office of the VP for Planning & Development. Questions have been raised regarding the integrity of campus security, the conduct of the investigation and overall security on campus. To assist the community in judging this, the following information is provided:

  1.. There were no indications of a break-in in the 2nd floor of Xavier Hall or in the offices of the VP for Planning and Development. 

  2.. Xavier Hall has no assigned guard at night.

  3.. The alarm system of Xavier Hall was repaired a week before the incident under the supervision of the Central Purchasing Office. The alarm did not go off on the night of the robbery. The guards and several personnel in Xavier Hall are familiar with the control mechanism of the alarm. 

  4.. The incident was immediately reported to the police. Investigators from Precinct 9 and the PNP Scene of the Crime Operations (SOCO) came to investigate on the morning of the incident. The PNP tried to recover fingerprints in the room but gave only a Police Blotter Report.

  5.. Leopard Security and Investigation Agency's (LSIA) own Investigation and Special Operations Division (ISOD) assisted in the investigation and submitted their preliminary reports last Friday.

  6.. LSIA ISOD investigators were able to recover materials from the stolen safe in several areas in the college complex. ISOD investigators submitted them to PIPAC for analysis.

  7.. LSIA roving guards covering Xavier Hall were investigated by ISOD and required to undergo polygraph (lie detector) tests conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). All LSIA officers assigned on campus will undergo polygraph tests. Three were tested today and another three are scheduled tomorrow. Results will be submitted to Ateneo. 

  8.. LSIA has offered a PhP50,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect/s. Information can be relayed to: 0917-968-5885, 723-8578 local 139, 140, 141 under Project Veritas.

  9.. Unlike Ateneo, LSIA will summarily terminate the services any guard found in any way connected to the robbery and file appropriate charges in court. There will be no reassignment or option of a graceful resignation. 

The University Physical Plant welcomes any information regarding this case. 

In the meantime, the community should be aware that campus security continues to report rooms and offices left open and unlocked; lights, exhaust fans and air conditioning units left on overnight and unlocked parked cars. Please consider the information provided below:

  1.. Number of unlocked office doors, building gates from 4 to 23 November: 60

  2.. Lights left on overnight covering the same period: 18

  3.. Electric fans and exhaust fans: 6

  4.. Computers left on all night: 4

  5.. Air conditioning unit left on: 1

  6.. Open office window: 1

  7.. Unlocked cars on campus from 11 September to 20 November 2002: 47 cars 

Negligence and carelessness must be corrected on campus. At 9:05 p.m. last night, Security Guard (SG) Ponciano I Palac recovered one black bag containing a Minolta camera, two batteries, an Optimus cassette recorder and a temporary ID under the Dismissal Billboard of the High School. At 11:48 p.m., SG Rolando G Magpale again recovered a computer CPU, keyboard, mouse and voltage regulator at the 2nd floor door of the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex. As of this writing, nobody has reported or claimed the recovered items.

Yesterday, two con men went to the AMPC canteen claiming to have been sent by the canteen rice supplier to replace five defective sacks of rice delivered earlier. The AMPC store keeper released the five sacks of rice worth PhP5,500.00. It turned out that the men were impostors and not representatives of the rice dealer. The matter has been reported to the Police and is now being investigated.

The community is again cautioned that the incidence of crimes taking many forms traditionally increases towards the Christmas season. All are advised to be vigilant. 

TRAFFIC: Fifteen thousand seven hundred twenty seven (15,727) gate pass stickers have been issued as of 23 November 2002. There are still many entering and staying on campus without gate pass stickers.

The second exhaust emission testing for tricycles for the year took place last Saturday morning. Of the 155 tricycles issued gate pass stickers, only 138 came for testing. Only 128 passed. Those who failed will no longer be allowed on campus. This means fewer tricycles for the community. 

Another measure taken to control pollution caused by tricycles is to reduce the number of passengers from four to three starting Monday, 2 December 2002. A reduced passenger load means less strain to the two-stroke engine and hopefully less pollution.

To ensure that tricycles are regularly maintained and efficient fuel mix is used, tricycles will be given monthly exhaust emission tests every first Saturday of the month. Those who pass the test will not be charged the testing fee. Those who fail will be charged. Monthly tests will start in January 2003.

PARKING: College students are now utilizing the Central Carpark as drop-off and pick-up point. More trees were planted there and the pathway is continuously being improved. It is hoped that students will prefer to use the area rather than Xavier Hall's driveway which is congested because of the renovation in the old office of the Registrar. 

MAINTENANCE: Burning of trash on campus is not allowed. However, an exemption to the rule was granted last Friday, 22 November when exam booklets from the College Admission and Aid office that had been infested with termites were burned. The burning of the papers was closely supervised and took place from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the trash collection point near the tricycle terminal. 

The Ateneo Professional Schools both in Rockwell and Salcedo are covered by the proposed no smoking ordnance in the City of Makati. 


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3rd Quarter Status Report of 26 November 2002 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm 
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