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Pathways to Higher Education

would like to invite members of the Ateneo de Manila community

to help in our mission by purchasing any of the following products:

        Processed Meat Products: (done by Marikina participants)

        a.) Longganisa (250 grams) - P 30.00/pack
        b.) Tocino (500 grams) - P 60.00/pack
        c.) Burger Patties (400 grams) - P 60.00/pack

        Filipino Dessert Products: (done by Loyola Hgts participants)

        a.) Pastillas de Leche - P 60.00/box (24 pcs.)
                                          P 30.00/box (12 pcs.)

        b.) Polvoron - P 60.00/box (24 pcs.)
                            P 30.00/box (12 pcs.)

        c.) Yema - P 30.00/pack (12 pcs.)
                        P 15.00/pack (6 pcs.)

        d.) Assorted (Yema, Polvoron and Pastillas) - P 60.00/box 

    All these products are packaged nicely and can be given as gifts to
family, relatives and friends. All proceeds will help in sending a
participant of Pathways through college. 

    Should you wish to order, just call loc. 4045 or 4048, look for Vince or

    Thank you very much! We hope that you will help us in helping fulfill
the dreams of our less-privileged brothers and sisters.
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