[Blueboard] Budget Appropriation Summary and DCB Ledgers

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Wed Nov 13 16:19:47 PHT 2002

DATE:                                November 13, 2002
MEMO FOR:                      All Unit Administrators and Department
MEMO FROM:                  Central Accounting Office
SUBJECT:                        Budget Appropriation Summary and DCB Ledgers
We would like to inform you that the results of your operations for the
second quarter ended September 30, 2002 are now available as follows
For units who have the ADMU-CAO Online Financial Reporting System installed
in their computers, your unit’s financial data are available online; and
For units who have not participated in this project, you may call Ms.
Marlian P. Prado of our Bookkeeping Section at local 4144 to request for a
softcopy of your financial data in Excel format or have it sent to you
We would like to request you review the charges and credits made to your
budget. Please communicate your findings to us so that appropriate
adjustments, if any, could be immediately effected. Moreover, please inform
our office of Purchase Order or Central Store Invoice cancellations so that
we can revert charges to your budget that were uploaded from the Central
Purchasing Office’s system.
Through your continuous support and cooperation, your FY 2002-2003 budget
could be efficiently monitored, as you have always wanted.
Director, Central Accounting Office
Noted by
Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer
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