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(Monday, 11 November 2002)

SECURITY: The Loyola Heights campus is open to intruders more than the Rockwell and Salcedo campuses so there are more snatching incidents, robberies and car break-ins. Below is a summary of monthly incidents in the Loyola Heights campus from July up to the 11 November:

                                                                               Jul           Aug        Sept.      Oct.      Nov.     Total

Office thefts/losses                                                     6             7             2           5           0          20
Unlocked offices & classrooms                                   -*             -*             2          18          0          20
Car break-in                                                               0             2             0           2           0           4
Cars left unlocked/open                                               -*            0             9          12          3           24

Suspects apprehended                                               -*             -*            6           5           -            11
Lost items recovered                                                  -**            -**           -**         3           7           10

                                                                                *Not recorded/records incomplete.
                                                                                                          **Lost items recovered turned over to units
                                                                                                            concerned and not recorded by Security

Date                      Unlocked car                       License/Sticker No.                       Owner

08 Nov 02              Honda Civic Gold                  UMF-638/G-07877               High School Student
                                                                                                                 Roman Paolo Nolasco
11 Nov 02              Toyota Corolla Gray              TGL-445/ E-137                   High School Faculty
                                                                                                                 Mr. Nelvin T. Olalia
                            Toyota Corolla Gray              TGE-867/A-290                    Jesuit Residence

It is obvious that the complacency and carelessness of some community members is the more serious security threat on campus. Basic security precautions must be observed. Examples of carelessness are cited below:

  1.. The recovery of a bag containing forty thousand (PhP40,000.00) cash in Quad 1. It turned out that a 4th year BS MIS student left his bag with friends while he went to have lunch at the AMPC. His friends left his bag in the quad without informing him. The bag was unattended for two hours. It was suspected to contain a bomb. It was retrieved by Security Guard (SG) Leonardo C Santos and turned over to the security office.

  2.. Recovery of a IBM laptop computer, Palm PDA, and a charger under a parked car. It turned out that another 3rd year MIS student deliberately placed his bag under a friend's car rather than lug it around because it was heavy. SG Rolando V Bula, the roving guard thought it was a bomb. He sounded the alarm and Assist. Detachment Commander (ADC) Joseph M Perlas decided to inspect the bag rather than have it exploded by the PNP Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit. 

  3.. Recovery of an expensive Rolex ladies watch in front of the Grade School Administration building. SG Herminio C Mamaoag Jr. turned over the watch to the security office. 

  4.. Recovery of a blank check and another check for PhP48,000.00 payable to Ateneo de Manila University in the college complex.

  5.. Recovery of a backpack by SG Roan A Diamante at 9:35 p.m. last 8 October at the Grade School covered walk. It belonged to a Grade 7 student and contained personal belongings, including a Fossil watch. 

Please do not forget to:

  1.. Wear your ID. Encourage others to do the same. 

  2.. Report suspicious unattended bags, backpacks or boxes in lobbies, toilets, or near trashcans to security guards. 

  3.. Report persons loitering on campus to security guards.

  4.. Cooperate with security checks that are conducted periodically. 

  5.. Do not leave bags, backpacks and belongings unattended. 

The following guards are commended for honesty and doing their job well. Security Guard (SG) Leonardo C Santos is commended for returning the bag containing PhP40,000.00 cash. SG Herminio C Manaoag, Jr. is also commended for turning over the Rolex watch. 

  Image can be viewed at :  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation111102.htm

                                       SG Leonardo C Santos                         SG Herminio C Mamaoag Jr.

POWER: All units have experienced fires in the past due to overheating electric fans. The community is reminded to turn off equipment after office hours. Campus security continues to find electric fans, exhaust fans and lights left on overnight on campus. 

TRAFFIC: A running summary of vehicular accidents on campus is shown below:

                                                                      Jul            Aug         Sept         Oct          Nov           Total
Vehicular accidents                                           7              20           12             6             3               48
Car & tricycle accidents                                     -               -              2              1             0                 3

PARKING: The new Faculty and Staff carpark southwest of the JG SOM and PLDT-CTC buildings is now ready for use. The construction of the carpark was rushed to ease the parking space shortage at the Gonzaga carpark. 

   Image can be viewed at :  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation111102.htm

Left picture: Entrance/exit along Fr. Masterson Drive opposite Grade School carpark leading to the JGSOM-PLDT CTC Faculty and Staff carpark. 
Right picture: New carpark entrance after coming from the Fr. Masterson Drive entrance/exit. 
A temporary path walk linking the carpark to the existing walk that leads to the PLDTCTC and JGSOM buildings has been set up for today. The permanent path walk will be ready for use tomorrow morning. Security and parking lights have also been installed. The drainage system, permanent parking guide and planting of trees will take another week to complete. 

Access to the PLDTCTC and JGSOM carpark was unusually difficult this afternoon because of the Grade School's Parents Teacher Conference. Access should be much easier tomorrow


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