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(Monday, 4 November 2002)

POWER:  Two generators were rented for the 2nd semester registration of Loyola Schools and were installed yesterday.  One is set up at the Gonzaga carpark and the other is near the Social Science building.  

Sonolux Incident:  An abortive fire was discovered in the inner room on the 3rd floor of Sonolux building last Wednesday morning, 29 October.  There were indications that the sensor of the hot and cold-water dispenser had overheated and melted the dispenser's plastic casing.  Combustion did not occur because:

     1. The windows were closed and the room was not ventilated.
     2. The concrete wall, steel cabinet and ceiling did not fuel the fire. 

The intense heat also melted the light diffuser of the ceiling light.  As shown in the pictures below, the concrete wall and the steel filing cabinet got singed but the papers on top of the cabinet and the wooden table beside the dispenser did not catch fire.  There is no smoke detector in the room.  

      Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation041102.htm

There are several water dispensers of this type on campus.  These should be disconnected at the end of the day when no longer used.

The guard on duty at Sonolux was not aware of the abortive fire.  The door of the room and another door in the corridor may have sealed in the toxic gas released by burning plastic and rubber.  An investigation is ongoing and should negligence be established on the part of the guard, he will be summarily dismissed.  

Equipment Use:  Campus security found several office air conditioning units turned on during the long break.  It turned out that these units have pre-programmed timers that automatically activate the units at preset times.  These timers should be deactivated before long breaks.  UPPA will issue a reminder via the Blueboard before every long break.  

Lights, electric fan and offices left open:  The following were noted during the long break:

1. RIZAL MINI FOYER TOILET: lights and exhaust fan left on from 31 Oct. to 04 Nov.'02, AM.
2. FEMALE TOILET GROUND FLOOR OF GONZAGA HALL: lights and exhaust fan left on from 31 Oct. to 04 Nov.
3. FINE ARTS MUSIC ROOM DOOR, GONZAGA HALL door left open on the night of 29 Oct.'02.
4. HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY: lights left on from 31 Oct. to 03 Nov.
5. HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY: lights and electric fan left on from 31 Oct. to 03 Nov.   
6. UNIVERSITY BLUE EAGLE GYM - lights left on and the basketball court gate left open 3 Nov.

The guards were not able to turn off the lights and fans because they have no access to the rooms.  All units have experienced fires in the past due to overheating electric fans.  The community is reminded to take special care: equipment not used should be turned off.

SECURITY:  The community is reminded that incidents of snatching, hold-ups, robberies and car break-ins traditionally increase towards the Christmas season.  These can be prevented if the community is vigilant and careful.  Unfortunately there are those who ignore basic security precautions.  The guards again found an unlocked student car at the north carpark:    

  Date           Unlocked car           License/Sticker No.           Owner
 28 Oct          BMW Gray            NMR-888 / G-06828           Jason D. Calderon
                                                                                         2 BS Physics 

Security is everybody's concern.  The community is again requested to share the responsibility of securing the campus by:

1. Displaying or wearing your ID and encouraging others to do the same. 
2. Not leaving bags, backpacks and belongings unattended. 
3. Reporting suspicious unattended bags, backpacks or boxes in lobbies, toilets, or near trashcans to security guards.  
4. Reporting suspicious persons loitering on campus to security guards.
5. Cooperating with security checks that are conducted periodically.  

Renovation Projects:  There are approximately 700 workers on campus doing renovation work in the Loyola Schools buildings and the construction of the High School Science building.  So many workers and other personnel delivering materials pose additional security concerns on campus.     

TRAFFIC:  Campus security is mandated to protect life and property and to maintain peace and order.  The added task of managing campus traffic is peculiar to the Loyola Heights campus.  Securing the Loyola Heights campus and keeping traffic moving at the same time have proven to be very difficult.  

Thorough checking of vehicles and pedestrians is not possible during rush hours without blocking or slowing down traffic on and off-campus.  Reconciling security and traffic objectives to everybody's satisfaction is not possible at this time.  There is not much campus security can do about this at the moment.  

PARKING:  Work on the faculty and staff carpark southwest of the JG SOM and PLDT-CTC started 31 October and continued non-stop through the long break.  Unfortunately the bad weather hampered its completion.  If it does not rain in the next two days, the carpark can be used on Wednesday.  The 2,400 square meter carpark will help to relieve the parking problem at the college complex.  It can accommodate 70 properly parked cars.       

Further work will involve the construction of a drainage system and an additional path walk.  Car guide railings and carpark lights will also be installed.  Trees will be planted.  All these will take two weeks. 

The new faculty and staff carpark can be accessed via the south carpark entrance on Fr. Masterson Drive (opposite the Grade School carpark) or via the diversion road.  Below is the site of the new carpark.   

North <<<

 Image can be viewed at : http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation041102.htm

Wildlife Sanctuary:  Shortly before midnight last Saturday, 1 November, Security Guard (SG) Narciso R. Miraña saw a 10-foot python coming from the Church of the Gesu going to Cervini Residence Hall.  Instinctively, SG Miraña hit the snake with his nightstick and temporarily disabled the python.  SG Erwin F. Biag then caught the snake and took it home.  Since the campus serves as wild life sanctuary, SG Biag was asked to return the snake.  The python has been turned over to Mr. Edwin B. Palenzuela to join two other pythons of the Biology Department. 


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Situation Report of 4 November 2002 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm  

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