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                                                         SITUATION REPORT
                                                       (Monday - 27 May 2002)

POWER:  The High School generator supports all lights in the HS complex, the telephone PABX, and 
some office computers.  It provides basic power requirement so as not to disrupt ongoing activities for 
short power outages.  The generator cannot support air conditioning units, classroom electric fans and 
all computers simultaneously.  

For the first time a generator caught fire on campus last week.  This was investigated and the findings are:

    1. The generator was overloaded from 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. when it caught fire.
    2. The generator's overload protector malfunctioned.
    3. The overload caused the manifold and exhaust pipe to overheat and affected the fuel lines.
    4. The intense heat ignited the diesel fuel that may have leaked from the fuel lines.  
    5. The generator was not seriously damaged (only burned wires and battery) and can be repaired.  

Suggested courses of action to prevent a repeat of this situation:

    1. The HS personnel monitoring the generator should disconnect wings with air-con units.  In the 
        last NPC/Meralco outage, the janitor had requested offices to turn off air con units and had asked
       teachers to turn off electric fans three times.  In all cases, the air con and electric fans were turned
        on after he left.  
    2. Most senior occupants of offices and teachers in classrooms should cooperate and have air cons 
        and electric fans turned off.
    3. Physical Plant personnel will inspect all 16 generators on campus (8 belonging to the university 
        and 8 to affiliated units) during prolonged power outages.

Physical Plant personnel noted that the generator in Bellarmine Hall was exceeding its amperage.  They 
asked the occupants to switch off their air-con units.  The occupants immediately complied with the 
request and the generator was not overloaded.

COMMUNICATION:  To counter the spread of virus via the Internet, the community is reminded to 
delete messages from unknown persons and not to open attachments. 

APS:  Reminder to APS-Salcedo personnel that The World Centre Condominium Association, Inc. will 
have a fire drill on Thursday 30 May at 10:00 a.m.  

For the information of APS-Rockwell and Salcedo personnel, details of the "Araw ng Makati Grand 
Parade on Friday, 31 May are:  

Assembly:          Back of LKG Tower, Valero St. (between Citiland 10 & Herrera St.) 
Time:                  3:00 pm.
Parade route:      from Herrera St. up to Intercon Hotel

The APS delegation is requested to bring a streamer or flag.  No need to bring drums because Makati 
Commercial Estate Association hired a lyre & bugle/band.
TRAFFIC:  The community is requested to have vehicles tested now.  Exhaust emission testing on 
campus is limited to the Ateneo community only.


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