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We live to tell stories of our lives in the city. We complain about it
incessantly--its crimes, the grime, the noise, the crowds, the traffic. 
Yet we are still  here. The city becomes an important nodule in our lives.
KUWENTONG SIYUDAD catalogs our uneven modern urban experiences.

KUWENTONG SIYUDAD is a collection of 27 stories that showcase gritty
experiences of survival in the reality that is the city, in this case,
Manila. Here then are the stories of those of us who live in the city--as 
parents, students, teachers, sisters, brothers, lovers, office workers,
laborers, employers, gays, lesbians, refugees, exiles, migrant workers.
We all converge in the city, a junction for new encounters, newer
identities, and the experience with uneven postmodernism. As editors
Roland Tolentino, Romulo Baquiran and Alwyn Aguirre point out, "Tayong
nangangalan sa siyudad ay binibigyan-ngalan din nito. Narito ang mga
kuwento, ang mapa ng ating pamumuhay sa siyudad."

Written in contemporary Filipino by some of today's most prolific artists,
the stories in KUWENTONG SIYUDAD collectively or through their individual
characters intrigue and educate, entertain and enlighten. Featured here
are the works of Aguirre, John Barrios, Anna Maria Gonzales Biglang-awa, 
Frank Cimatu, Mes de Guzman, Jerry Gracio, Eli Guieb III, Alva Marano, Gil
Mendoza, Vim Nadera, Roselle Pineda, Allan Popa, Rommel Rodriguez, Elyrah
Salanga, Joseph Salazar, Luna Sicat, Ma. Ellen Sicat, Kerima Tariman,
Tolentino, Elmer Ursolino, and Alvin Yapan.

Published by the Ateneo Press (tel 4265984, 4266001 ext 4612/16),
KUWENTONG SIYUDAD (c2002) retails for 230 pesos, less discount for Ateneo
faculty, students and staff. Call or email (unipress at admu.edu.ph) for your
copies now!

      Read in order to live.
           -Gustave Flaubert

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