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                                   SITUATION REPORT
                                  (Monday - 6 May 2002)

POWER: APS-Rockwell experienced single phasing (i.e., 110 instead of 220 volts) Tuesday night (30 April) last week due to loose terminal connections. The Jesuit Residence also had single phasing last Saturday night for the same reason. In APS-Rockwell one of the three cables
connected to the transformer overheated and burned. In the JR, a cable connected to the main breaker overheated and burned. Loose connections can result in overheating cables and can burn structures in extreme cases.  "Faulty wiring" is essentially due to loose connection or overloading of lines. This can be prevented by regular maintenance. 

Preventive maintenance will substantially prevent the occurrence of this problem. The University Physical Plant will propose a maintenance program to the different units starting this school year.

APS Rockwell experienced the single phasing on the eve of Labor Day. It was immediately solved because Physical Plant personnel, who were doing overtime work for the Gesu that day were immediately dispatched to Makati. 

The JR incident occurred when all maintenance personnel were out for the Union excursion in Lucena, Quezon. Called in to troubleshoot were Physical Plant's Mr. Rolando M. Enriquez and ACTech's Engrs. Jesus P. Villanueva and Ferdinand B. Villanueva who did a good job.

In anticipation of the rainy/typhoon season, the trees near the Barangka high-tension cables will be trimmed this Sunday. A power outage will be scheduled to ensure the safety of the workers. The no. 3 and 4 oil switch will also be repaired during the outage. Details of the outage are shown below: 

Date: Sunday 12 May 
Affected areas: 

1. Bellarmine Hall, HS, Moro Lorenzo, JR, and EAPI - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
2. Cervini, Eliazo, Alingal, Pollock, LHS, Cefam, AIR, Sonolux - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

COMMUNICATION: The Grade School is making changes in their PABX local number assignments. The new numbers will be announced in the Blueboard and the web page. The cutover to the revised local numbers is this Saturday, 11 May. The new local numbers will be in effect on Monday, 13 May. 

WATER: At 4:30 a.m. last Saturday 4 May, the security guard found the APS-Rockwell 4th basement flooded. Water could have come from the drainpipe valve left open or from the fire pump room. The incident is being investigated to determine the cause of the flooding. In the
meantime, it is clear that there is negligence on the part of the guards.  Eaglewatch Security Agency is taking disciplinary action not only against the guard on duty but on the supervisors as well.

SECURITY: The number of construction workers on campus has increased with two additional construction projects (Jesscom Regional Multi-media Center and Christian Life Community of the Philippines building) near Sonolux and Cefam. Meanwhile, four workers were summarily dismissed and banned on campus after they were caught drinking inside one of the Grade School's construction site last 28 April. 

At 7:40 p.m., 4 May a coed reported to the Gate 3 guards an "exhibitionist" near the telephone booth at Kostka Hall. She described the suspect as 5'6" tall, with regular build wearing a white T-shirt, blue faded denims and rubber shoes. Campus security is on the lookout for the exhibitionist.  The community is requested to inform campus security when the exhibitionist
is sighted. 

A Grade School L300 van was reported carnapped last Friday, 3 May while in the aircon shop along Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights. The incidence of carnapping is very high in Quezon City. The community is advised to take the necessary precaution. 

On 2 May, an affiliated unit reported the loss of checks inside an office table drawer. The drawer was forced open but there were no signs of forced entry. The community is again advised to refrain from leaving cash and valuables inside office table drawers.

TRAFFIC: An 11 year-old incoming Grade 6 student of the student of Industrial Valley Elementary School participating in the High School Tulong Dunong project was accidentally hit by a tricycle last Friday afternoon. She was taken to the Quirino Memorial Labor Hospital for treatment. 

The LTFB requirements and rules for tricycles will be strictly implemented on campus. All tricycles authorized to operate on campus have been given a copy of rules governing tricycles on campus and penalties for violation of these rules. Tricycles will be subject to quarterly exhaust emission test or sooner as needed.

The Makati Commercial Estate Association, Inc. (MACEA) announced the resolution passed by the Makati City Council formally renaming Herrera Street to V. A. Rufino Street effective 10 May 2002. Vicente A. Rufino was a business leader and property developer actively involved in the
development of the Makati Central Business District.

MAINTENANCE: The "Meron" pond near the Social Science building is being dredged and rehabilitated. The project should be completed by the end of this month with the use of the heavy equipment of SKI. Ms. Thelma G. Padero facilitated the free use of the SKI equipment.

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Situation Report of 6 May 2002 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm 

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