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Victoria Calderon vica at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Fri May 3 09:49:08 PHT 2002

To:  The Ateneo community

From:  The Ateneo Staff Association (ASA)

Re:  Rummage sale:  a generous gesture from one heart to another!

The ASA EXECOM and members in coordination with the Office of 
Administrative Services, would like to invite you to become one of our 
donors for our one-day rummage sale (Wed, May 29).  This activity is one 
heart's feel for another!  Concretely, it means helping our dear Jossie 
Lacson (English Department secretary) defray outstanding medical expenses 
resulting from her angioplasty procedure in Medical City, Pasig on April 
12, 2002.

Donations like useful clothes, shoes, bags, school items, household items 
(i.e. linens, blankets, curtains kitchen utensils), books, beauty kits, 
cell phone accessories (i.e. housing, guard, jackets) and other interesting 
novelty items would be happily accepted.  Bring your donations to OAS or if 
you want them picked-up, please call Kat at loc. 5102 or Issa loc. 5300, 
Vicky loc. 5315, Gina loc. 5603 and Racquel loc. 5310.

We would be favored to receive your donations on or before Saturday 25 May 
2002 to give us ample time to sort out and prepare the rummage items.

See you also, then, at the rummage sale on Wednesday, May 29 from 8am-5pm, 
Kostka ground floor.

Many thanks for your generosity     
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