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A Business Education Partnership

A History of the
Ateneo de Manila University John Gokongwei School of Management

Based on Fr.  Bienvenido F.  Nebres’ Announcement to the Loyola
Schools, profiles of the companies of the JG Summit Group, and a
biography of Mr.  John Gokongwei

It began thus: The Ateneo de Manila University was putting up a
building for the School of Management and was looking for
donors.  Mr.  John Gokongwei, Founding Chairman of the JG Summit
Group of Companies, was about to retire and celebrate his 75th
birthday.  His brother, James Go, and his son, Lance Gokongwei,
were looking for an appropriate way of honoring Mr.  John.

        Ateneo’s proposal for a major donation for the building
evolved into a discussion on naming rights for the School of
Management when the family expressed their desire of honoring
Mr.  John with something more than a building.  Both James and
Lance had done their college and graduate studies in the U.S.
and were familiar with naming rights.

        Naming rights are common among universities in the U.S.
(e.g., Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Kellogg School,
Northwestern University; McDonough School, Georgetown University;
Carroll School, Boston College).  Fr.  Bienvenido F.  Nebres
contacted Jesuit universities and colleges in the U.S.  going
through the naming rights process, to help outline the discussion
points for the Ateneo de Manila University Board of Trustees.

        In the discussions of the Ateneo Board of Trustees, which
began in June 2001 and lasted nine months, the main focus was the
convergence of the vision, interests, and values of the Ateneo
and the JG Summit Group:

   * It was noted that the JG Summit Group of Companies is
     regarded by the business community and the community at
     large as good and responsible corporate citizens.
   * They are a very competitive and successful group.  They are
     involved in a diverse range of businesses and industries
     nationally and regionally.
   * The Board was impressed with the professionalism with which
     the JG Summit Group handled its transition of leadership.
   * The Gokongwei family and the JG Summit Group of Companies
     have a deep interest and respect for education. The
     Gokongwei Brothers Foundation supports a Technical School
     and a Children’s Library, aside from donating buildings to
     various schools in the Philippines.  Mr.  John Gokongwei
     himself is known as a widely read person, with broad
     intellectual interests.  He also continued his undergraduate
     and graduate studies when the burden of supporting his
     siblings had eased.
   * The Gokongwei family has had long ties with and respect for
     Jesuits and Jesuit education—at the Sacred Heart School in
     Cebu, Xavier School in Manila, and Ateneo de Manila.
   * Mr.  John Gokongwei has a deep and personal interest in the
     education and training of future leaders for business and
     the economy.

        It was only after a thorough discussion of the alignment
of vision, interests and values between the Ateneo de Manila and
the JG Summit Group and Mr.  John Gokongwei that the Board
discussed the endowment.  The Jesuit universities in the U.S.
informed the Ateneo de Manila University that the endowment
should be of such a size that it would support a substantial
portion of the financial needs of the School.  The School of
Management has identified its most urgent needs, which the
endowment will cover, as:

   * Faculty: development, retention, research
   * Scholarships
   * Outreach and Influencing Policy

        A rare confluence of interests and events has brought
about the partnership of the JG Summit Group of Companies and the
Ateneo de Manila University.  The JG Group wished to honor their
Founding Chairman and now Chairman Emeritus, Mr.  John Gokongwei,
in a manner that would appropriately recognize the important and
significant contributions he has made to the growth and
development of the country and the region, and, at the same time,
make a lasting contribution to the furtherance of such growth and
development.  The Ateneo School of Management, in its 1999
Vision-Mission and strategic planning sessions, envisions itself
as a regional center of excellence and leadership in business
education, which can only be achieved with significant support
from business and industry.

        The Ateneo, recognizing the high level of leadership that
Mr.  John Gokongwei has provided for the Philippine and regional
business community over the years, and in the tradition of many
outstanding schools of management, is therefore proud to announce
the christening of the Ateneo de Manila University John Gokongwei
School of Management.

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