[Blueboard] Situation Report 18 March 2002

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Tue Mar 19 16:55:06 PHT 2002

			   (Monday - 18 March 2002)
POWER: Closer coordination is being worked out with designers of new
facilities to incorporate maintenance requirements in their plans. This is
to minimize maintenance and billing problems when the buildings are

COMMUNICATION:  The shift of Loyola Heights units from @admu.edu.ph to
@Ateneo.edu domain is scheduled this summer.  Implementing procedures will
be posted on the first week of April.  The list of intranet subscribers
will be updated; those who are no longer with the Ateneo will removed from
the list.  

WATER:  Mr. Eduardo L. Pavo, Manila water Company's Territory Manager for
Customer Services, Balara Business Area has informed the Ateneo that "error
billing" was due to a shift and upgrading of their system rather than due
to a virus as reported earlier.  Corrections are being made.  They will be
reflected in next month's water bills.

The replacement pump and a back up pump for the common cistern (beside the
College Covered Courts) are being installed.  The plan is to ultimately
install alternate pumps in all cisterns to minimize disruption of water
supply and to prolong the service life of these pumps.     

SECURITY:  A commotion in Gate 2 and Katipunan last Wednesday took place
after an armored car was caught trespassing on campus.  The driver
assaulted an Ateneo Leopard Security & Investigation Agency (LSIA) guard.
The armored car guards also threatened the campus guards with their
weapons.  The Ateneo guards brought out their shotguns, pursued the armored
vehicle and called for police assistance.  It was intercepted along
Katipunan by twelve LSIA guards and two PNP patrol cars with eight
policemen.  The armored car driver who assaulted the campus guard was
arrested.  He is now facing charges.  The LSIA guards under Group Commander
Freddie P Miguel are commended for their presence of mind and strict
observance of the rules of engagement.  LSIA's main office is also
commended for its full support of the guards involved during the
investigation at the police station.  

Losses of cash and valuables left inside offices remain a serious problem.
There are no indications of forced entry.   Victims also cannot explain how
they can lose cash when their table drawers remain locked.  

We want to reiterate this warning:  DO NOT LEAVE cash and valuables inside
offices.  University funds lost inside offices are the responsibility of
persons concerned and will have to be paid to the university.      

PARKING:  The PIPAC parking area is exclusively for PIPAC personnel and

The LHS/LST tricycle terminal was opened for use at 10:15 this morning.
Tricycles may not park along Seminary Drive while waiting for passengers.
Barriers in the parking area are being installed.  Base coarse materials
needed to stabilize the carpark will be spread and compacted in the summer.
In the meantime, cars can use the carpark so Seminary Drive will be a
two-lane road.  The parking area will be useful for the LHS ordination on
13 April 2002.

TRAFFIC: The different units have approved the gate pass stickers for
school year 2002-2003.  This year's gate pass stickers celebrates the 50th
year of the Loyola Heights campus:

PLEASE VISIT http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm to see the SY
2002-2003 gate pass stickers.

MAINTENANCE:  Major improvements will start early this April to minimize
inconvenience to the community.  

A tree seedling nursery is being set up behind the waiting shed along
Katipunan.  The site was selected for its proximity to the creek between
Miriam and Ateneo.  Recycled water will be used to water plants this summer.

An apology is due to EAPI for the excessive noise generated in previous
activities held in Bellarmine field.  Steps have been taken to ensure that
houses on campus are not disturbed by university activities.  


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