[Blueboard] Re: Baccalaureate Mass

Santos . Benilda S. beniss at admu.edu.ph
Tue Mar 19 09:36:42 PHT 2002

Dear Faculty of the Loyola Schools:

Rituals are like poems performed by a community
with elaborate preparations, grand gestures, and
deep solemnity. But rituals do not begin this way.
They have their roots in something utterly ordinary
and literal like a meal a teacher shares with his
students just before he leaves them and just after
he instructs them to love one another in the manner
of his love for them: his last and most important

The Baccalaureate Mass is THE ritual for us teachers.
As we reenact the poetry of sharing ourselves with
our students, we offer all that we have done before
the Teacher whose love must have visited our classes
in the past year when we were least aware of His
presence. We ask Him to heal any unkind or unjust
act we could have committed. Renewed thus, we welcome
the coming school year with these words of St. John
of the Cross: "O, exquisite risk!"

Beni Santos
Outgoing Chair
School Forum

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