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Thu Mar 14 08:56:22 PHT 2002

>           “Ima, payagan po ninyo ako na magtrabaho.  Kasi gusto ko pong
> matulungan kayo ni Tata sa pagpapaaral sa Kinder kay Angelica.”  Words
> coming 
> from 19 year old Michael, the second son of AMPC’s cook, Abner
> Pangilinan and 
> wife, Evelyn. 
>            Since Abner is the main breadwinner of his family with eight
> children, the couple felt so grateful to the “malasakit” shown by their
> son to 
> his six year old sister’s needs and education. 
>            And so for the past year, Michael took the heroic role of
> providing 
> for the needs of Angelica by working at the Bakery of his aunt.
>            Feb. 16, 2002.  Michael bid his Ima goodbye.  He mounted on
> his bike 
> and was on his way to work. Ima Evelyn felt uneasy. For no apparent
> reason she 
> wanted to call her son back and not allow him to go out of the house. 
>           It was too late. A new Isuzu Islander Crosswind hit Michael
> and 
> seriously broke his left leg. Adding nightmare to the harrowing
> experience is 
> the refusal of the driver of the Crosswinds to admit his fault (despite
> having 
> been positively identified by witnesses) and his refusal  to shoulder
> the 
> hospitalization costs of Michael. 
>           Evelyn, a deeply religious woman could not understand why such
> terrible pain has to be endured by her son who at a young age is so kind
> and  
> so concerned with his family. 
>           In this season of Lent, as we reflect on why so much pain had
> to be 
> inflicted on Jesus on the Cross who is so kind and so concerned with us,
> maybe 
> we can find the answers as we ponder on Michael Pangilinan’s pain, share
> and be 
> one with the family’s suffering.    
>          Michael will undergo surgery in his left leg  tomorrow, March
> 14,2002  
> at the ASCOM Hospital in Apalit, Pampanga. He needs Php18,000.00 for the
> cost 
> of operation. The family could no longer  afford this since they are now
> deep 
> in debts.  As of this date, the hospital and medicine costs they 
> already 
> incurred is Php15,000.00.
>           A prayer. Some financial help.  Or a visit to Michael’s home
> in 148 
> Barrio Sucad, Apalit, Pampanga to hug or pray over him.  An inspiring
> letter. 
> Or a little consoling pat for Michael’s Tata and Ima who are really
> going 
> through rough times. Or perhaps some cookies for Michael’s favorite
> sibling - 
> Angelica. 
>          We at AMPC will appreciate greatly your gestures of love,
> compassion 
> and concern. 
>          In solidarity with Michael. 
>          In solidarity with Jesus. 
> ###              ###           ###
> P.S.  AMPC is now accepting donations for Michael’s operation.  You may
> call or 
> email Michelle Asilo of  
>         AMPC who will go to you to get your donation. Tel No. 4266074 or
> 4266001 loc5109.
> Chairman of the Board - AMPC

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