[Blueboard] PDI's Belinda Olivarez-Cunanan on the Ateneo's Vagina Monologues Controversy

Gilbert Jimenez gilbert at admu.edu.ph
Tue Mar 5 15:26:55 PHT 2002

Dear Ateneo Blueboard Commmunity:

I invite you to read a column written by Belinda Olivarez-Cunanan of the
Philippine Daily Inquirer on the controversy surrounding Dr. Intal's
decision banning the Vagina Monologues as an official school activity.

It's found in March 5, 2002 edition of the PDI.  You can also access
Cunanan's column through this hyperlink:
www.inq7.net/opi/2002/mar/05/opi_bocunanan-1.htm .

This is simply to enrich the continuing and hopefully friendly dialogue
amongst us collegues and partners in education.  Thank you.

Gilbert Jimenez
Theology Department

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