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Mon Mar 4 16:32:06 PHT 2002

Ateneo de Manila University			           01 March 2002

MEMO TO	:	Loyola Heights and APS Salaried Full-time Personnel
		Supervisors, Department Heads and Unit Administrators

FROM	:	Personnel Director


Below are deadlines and paydays for April to June 2002. Payroll matters
submitted to the Personnel Office and, thence, to the Central Accounting
Office, beyond the indicated deadlines for a particular payroll period will be
processed for implementation for the succeeding payroll period.

	Deadlines for Submission of Payroll Materials

Payroll	     From Units	        From Personnel	 From CAO
Periods	     to Personnel       to CAO		 to Bank	Payday

Apr 1-15     M Mar 18		Th Mar 21	F Apr 5	        W Apr 10

Apr 16-30    W Apr 3		W  Apr 10	T Apr 23	Th Apr 25

May 1-15     F Apr 19		W Apr 24	W May 8	        F May 10

May 16-31    Th	May 9		T May 14	M May 27	W May 29 	

June 1-15    W	May 22		M May 27	F June 7	T June 11

June 16-30   W	June 5		M June 10	M June 24	W June 26

	                                              PAUL Y. SIM, JR.
	                                              Personnel Director

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