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Tue Jul 30 07:35:55 PHT 2002

DATE		:	July 23, 2002

TO		:	All Unit Administrators and Department Chairpersons

FROM		:	Central Accounting Office

SUBJECT	:	Budget Appropriation Summary

We are pleased to provide you with the results of your operations for the First 
Quarter ended June 30, 2002.  The management reports were finalized on July 13, 
2002, ten days earlier than our usual deadline.  Your unpaid expenses such as 
janitorial, security services, agency charges, Jesuit contributed services were 
recorded based on previous months’ figures or on your budgeted figures.  
However, these accrual entries will be reversed at the beginning of the second 

For units who have the ADMU-CAO On-line Financial Reporting System installed in 
their computers, your units’ financial data are available on-line.  For units 
who have not participated in this project, you may either claim the softcopy of 
your financial data in Excel format from 
Ms. Marlian Prado of our Bookkeeping Section (local 4144), or request her to 
electronically send you the file.

May we request you to go over the following financial information: (a) Approved 
Budget for FY 2002-2003, (b) the charges, and (c) credits made to your budget.  
Please communicate your comments to us so that errors, if any will be 
immediately corrected.  To assist in your review, please take note of the 
following references used:

Source of Financial Data	Reference Code	Reference Document	Nature 
of Transaction
Head Cashier’s Office	OR	Official Receipt	Deposits and 
collections turned over to the Head Cashier.
Central Purchasing Office (CPO)	POCSI	Purchase OrderCentral Stores Invoice
	Expenditures initiated through Purchase Requisition forms and processed 
by the CPO.Supplies taken from the Central Purchasing Warehouse.
Accounts Payable, CAO	VC	Check Voucher	Expenditures initiated through 
Orders for a Check (OC) or reimbursements from the Cashier’s revolving funds or 
from the petty cash fund of your respective units for expenses not exceeding 
Bookkeeping,CAO	JE	Journal Entry	Non-cash transactions such as budget 
transfers, bank debit or credit memos, adjustments such as accruals, 
prepayments or reclassifications.
Physical Plant	JO	Job Order	Cost of labor, direct materials and 
overhead charged by the PPLH for work requested by the operating unit.

Most of the charges made to your budget originate from Central Purchasing 
Office, either by Purchase Order (PO) or by Central Stores Invoice (CSI).  
Since your unit has a copy of both documents, it is very easy to compare the 
charges with your file of Purchase Orders and Central Stores Invoices.  We 
request you to go over them carefully and inform our office of any cancellation 
of orders so that we can revert back to your budget the PO or CSI charges we 
uploaded from the CPO system.

Should you have any query regarding your approved budget and our reports, you 
may address them to the following:

Reference Document	Unit/Section to call	Local
Journal Entries	CAO - Bookkeeping Section	4144
Check Vouchers	CAO - Accts. Payable Section	4145
Purchase Orders	CAO - Accts. Payable SectionCPO - Central Purchasing Office
Official Receipts	CAO - Bookkeeping SectionHead Cashier’s Office	41444064
Central Stores Invoices	CAO - Bookkeeping SectionCPO - Warehouse	41444133
Job Orders	CAO - Bookkeeping SectionPhysical Plant - Loyola	41444101

Your cooperation will allow us to efficiently monitor your FY 2002-2003 budget, 
as you desire.

Director, Central Accounting Office

Noted by

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

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