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23 July 2002


Ms. Christine May D. Icamina

Editor In Chief


Ateneo de Manila University

Dear Ms. Icamina:

Re:  Headline news of Guidon issue dated 23 July 2002

The headline reads " Rainwater accumulates in CTC due to faulty design".  The lead statement goes "Due to heavy rains and faulty floor designs, rainwater accumulated in the classrooms of the new PLDT-Convergent Technology Center last June 26.  Maintenance personnel explained that the floor level was slanted toward the classroom."

I would like to offer some clarification to better understand the situation and correct the "faulty floor design" impression as printed in the Guidon.

Foremost, the recent rains are a blessing.  This afforded the project team and users the best opportunity to test the building of leaks, flooding and "irritants" of the building and to address the concerns accordingly. 

While it is true that water accumulated in CTC, it particularly referred to two areas where the corridor floor slopes towards the classroom.  These are corridor areas fronting CTC 105 and CTC 301.   In other areas, the entry of rain to the classroom was due to a combination of the strong wind direction and the apparent lack of sunshades that also serve as rain protection. 

1.              "Floor level is slanted toward the classroom".  The design specifies an even leveled (flat) floor for classrooms.  For the corridors, however, the design specifies a generally even-leveled floor with certain areas sloping towards the floor drains located at the exterior portion of the corridors.  
  As observed by the project team and the users, the corridor floor level outside CTC 105 and CTC 301 is not flat (not level) as evidenced by the water ponding.  Unfortunately the floor level slopes (slants) toward the classroom.  With the southward direction of the wind and heavy rain late June, the water ran toward the subject classrooms.  The slope is a construction oversight (error) and is subject for rectification by the contractor.  It is not a result of a "faulty floor design"

 2.              "Water also came from staircase".  There are two staircases per building, one of which is exposed.  The late June rains clearly demonstrated the need to protect the staircase from the rain to render this usable during heavy rains.  The designers are working on the various options for the school's appropriate action. 
 The experiences from and observations based on the late June heavy rains brought about other concerns and the project team is presently addressing these inclusive of design augmentation where necessary.  In addition, the team is also addressing non-rain related concerns, major one of which is the classroom ventilation and echo.  The designers are working on various options.

 The school has yet to officially accept the project.  Upon acceptance, the one-year defects liability period starts during which time the contractor is obliged to continue to address the defects.  Following normal flow of construction projects, other "irritants" may / are expected to appear during the initial months of occupancy.  The project team together with the users will closely monitor the building usage and ensure that concerns are immediate addressed.   Likewise should other concerns need design augmentation, the same will be done. 

 Similar to the PLDTCTC-JGSOM project, the Church of the Gesu project is undergoing rectification works prior to its acceptance by the school.  Again, once accepted, the contractor remains to be responsible for the immediate repair of any defects. 

 I trust the above offers some clarifications.



Temay G. Padero

Asst. to the VPFT



cc:        Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J., President

            Mr. Jose M. Santos, VPFT

            Dr. Miren G. Intal, VP for Loyola Schools

            Mr. Leoncio D. Miralao, UPPA

            Ms. Katrina C. Reyna, News Editor, Guidon

            PLDTCTC-JGSOM / Church of the GESUI Project Team

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