[Blueboard] Kino Series Three: Hitchcock Views kicks off on July 10

Andrew Albert J. Ty andrewt at i-manila.com.ph
Fri Jul 5 17:17:03 PHT 2002

Hey everyone,

Film scholars have said that virtually everything you ever need to know to understand film can be found in Alfred Hitchcock's work. With one semester's worth of Hitchcock classics beginning next week, we now have the best opportunity to demonstrate the validity of that claim--through Hitchcock Views, a special Kino Screening Series that focuses on this great man of the cinema.

Owing to last semester's enthusiastic reception to our screening of four of his films, Kino Series Three makes a leap into the heart of darkness of Hitch's masterful cinema. We invite you to take this opportunity to cast a penetrating gaze at thirteen important films that have themselves cast equally penetrating gazes at various aspects of our world.

>From the innocent man wrongfully accused to the intricacies of the evil mind as it plots the perfect crime, from the (usually) blonde women that Hitch ambiguously both loved and forced into passivity and submission to the lethal split that cracks the faultline of the psyche, these thirteen films testify to Alfred Hitchcock as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Hitchcock Views will run from July 10 to October 9. Screenings will start at 5 pm and will be held every Wednesday at the Conference Room of the Department of Communication. Admission is free of charge and open to everyone.

Please see below for the schedule of films. Any inquiries may be sent to me. Thank you, and hope to see you at the screenings.

Andrew Albert J. Ty
Department of Communication

The Innocent Man
July 10: The 39 Steps (1935)

July 17: Stage Fright (1940)

July 24: The Wrong Man (1956)


The Perfect Murder
August 07: Dial M for Murder (1954)

August 14: Rope (1948)

August 21: I Confess (1953)

August 28: Rear Window (1954)


Hitchcock's Women
September 04: Vertigo (1958)

September 11: The Birds (1963)

September 18: Marnie (1964)

The Disordered Mind
September 25: Strangers on a Train (1951)

October 02: Psycho (1960)

October 09: Frenzy (1972)

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