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(Monday, 16 May 2005)


POWER:  Preventive maintenance work on the Balara, Barangka and Katipunan Grids in the Loyola Heights campus have been completed.    


                                                                Click here to view pictures  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160505.htm


Balara Grid transformers near Gate 1 undergoing maintenance work, 11 May 2005.


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 Barangka Grid transformers behind San Jose Seminary mounted on a new platform and concrete poles installed by Meralco


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Left:  New concrete metering pole installed by Meralco behind San Jose Seminary on the side of De la Costa Housing.

Right:  New concrete pole installed to replace wooden pole North of San Jose Seminary.  Replacement of rotten wooden poles with concrete ones will be completed by 12 June 2005.

                                                             Click here to view pictures  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160505.htm

Left:  Katipunan Grid Vacuum Switch near the creek separating Miriam College and Ateneo as seen from Burgundy Place roof deck.

Right:  Close up of the Katipunan Grid Vacuum Switch.  


COMMUNICATION:  Preventive maintenance of the PABX auto attendant was undertaken on Sunday, 15 May 2005.  The PABX was intermittently inaccessible for 30 minutes on Sunday morning.    


WATER:  Cleaning of the 16 cisterns and 17 overhead tanks at the Loyola Heights, Rockwell, and Salcedo campuses was begun on Saturday, 14 May and will be completed by 28 May.    


SECURITY:  A man approached a female student last Thursday morning, claiming to be the father of her classmate.  (The man had earlier approached another female student and managed to get information from her, so he knew her name and other details.)  The man asked the student to text her classmate to get the car key.  Before she could text her classmate, the man borrowed her Nokia 6230 so he can give his daughter a dropped/missed call instead.  She gave her phone and brought the key to her classmate who was at the Social Science building.  It was only after she saw her classmate (the one approached earlier by the man) that they discovered the whole thing was a salisi scam.  The man had disappeared. There was no car and the cell phone was gone.   


As the school year is about to begin, the community is again warned of scams similar to the one cited above. Many with good intentions to help have been victimized.  Please take precautions and report to campus security any suspicious requests made by strangers.  Please be wary of:


  1.. Requests for assistance involving valuables with "collateral", i.e., victim's cell phone, but with a "car key" as collateral.  This is classic salisi modus operandi as demonstrated in the case cited above.

  2.. Report of accidents or emergency situations involving family members or friends.  The victim is informed that a family member or friend has been involved in an accident and is in the hospital or police precinct.  Cash is then asked to be brought to a designated place.  This scam is known as dugo-duguan.

  3.. Two strangers falsely accusing the intended victim of wrongdoing.  The following scenarios have been used on Ateneo students:

3.1.           Accusing the victim of being a member of a rival group or fraternity.  The strangers demand to see an ID of the victim (which may expose the wallet so they get to see how much cash the victim has.)

3.2.           Demanding to see if the intended victim has a tattoo - when the intention is to see if the victim has jewellery. 

3.3.           Accusing the victim (male) of having offended the strangers' female friend, sister or relative.  The victim generally wants to confront the accuser to prove that he has been mistaken for somebody else and willingly goes with the strangers.  The victim is taken to an isolated place where he is robbed.


  4.. Notifying of a problem and offering to assist the victim, such as:  

4.1.           Smoking car.  Motorcycle-riding men inform the victim (usually a female driver) that the car is smoking and probably having an engine problem.  Once the victim the stops, the men offer to help, ask that the hood be opened, and proceed to "check" the engine.  Female drivers generally do not get out of the car and end up paying for a replacement ignition coil or the car will not start (after it has been tampered with.)

4.2.           Flat tire.  While parked and the driver is entering the car, a "good samaritan" near the passenger side informs the driver of a flat tire.  When the driver goes to inspect the flat tire, a companion grabs the bag or valuables at the driver side, which has usually been left open by the driver.


TRAFFIC:  Improvements in carparks have been made.  The center section of the South carpark, North of the Blue Eagle Gym has been asphalted.  Roads without gutters have had their edges painted to assist the drivers at night and also to remind drivers to park away from the white line.


                                                              Click here to view pictures  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160505.htm

Left:  Campus roads without gutters are being painted with white borders to guide motorists to stay on the road, particularly at night.

Right:  Additional areas have been asphalted in the South carpark to make turning easier for drivers. Dark portions of the road in the picture are the additional areas that were asphalted.


MAINTENANCE:  In response to numerous queries, below are pictures of the location of new compost pit.  

                                                            Click here to view pictures  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160505.htm

Left:  The compost pit is located near the creek separating Miriam College and Ateneo.  The building with the green roof in the far ground is the Institute of Social Order.

Right:  The compost pit is East of the vacuum switch in the lower right corner.



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