Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Tue Jan 29 16:27:30 PHT 2002

		   	   (Tuesday 29 January 2002)

POWER:   The power factor capacitor banks for the Loyola Heights campus
have been upgraded.  Approximately P200,000 in discounts have been realized
for each of the three grids this January.  Bigger discounts are expected
when 98% to 100% power factor is attained in the next months.

COMMUNICATION:  The ongoing Alcatel excavation in front of Gate 3 partially
damaged the PLDT entrance cables late yesterday afternoon.  Adversely
affected were the PLDT payphones, several direct lines and the BPI ATM
machines at Xavier Hall.  PLDT personnel repaired the lines and restored
communication at 12:30 p.m. today.   

We wish to reiterate that Job Orders, request for security and other
Physical Plant services be coursed via the Internet is reiterated.
Requests should be sent to: uppa at admu.edu.ph with the following information:

1.	Work required
2.	Where the work needs to be done
3.	Contact person 
4.	Budget item the work is to be charged.  

WATER: The perennial problem of fish dying in the Loyola Heights ponds
towards the summer appears to be due to algae formation and not poisoning.
This problem is being looked into now.  

SECURITY:  The National Telecommunication Commission has announced that
cellular service providers can now deactivate stolen prepaid and postpaid
phones.  Simply report the serial number of your phone to the service
provider, i.e., Smart or Globe.  The serial numbers of Nokia phones may be
found at the back (where the battery is placed) or key in *#06#.  Hopefully
the deactivation of stolen phones will discourage the rampant theft that
happens everyday.  However, there is still no substitute for vigilance in
minimizing losses on campus.      

TRAFFIC:  The Gate 2 Guard House in the middle of Fr. Masterson Drive will
be demolished and a new one will be constructed on the side of the gate
next month.
This will improve traffic flow and eliminate the problem of delivery trucks
bumping the Guard House.  

Traffic is expected to be heavier than usual this Friday and Saturday
because of the High School Fair.  

Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 
Situation Report of 29 January 2002 is also posted at

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