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	When  alumni  look  back  to  their  years  in the  Ateneo,
having  Fr. Gorospe  as their  teacher  is one  of   their most  cherished
memories. A grinning, joking,  laughing  Fr. George,  as  he  is fondly
called,  fills  their  remembering.   Beneath  his  jovial  and  vivacious
demeanor,  however,  is  a  teacher's  seriousness and  purposefulness  in
inspiring and challenging  them  to  be men  and  women  of  faith,
justice,  and  compassion.

	 His  40  years  of  distinguished  service   cover  the  broad
span  of  his  academic  endeavors  in  Moral  Philosophy,  Liberation
Theology,  Religious  Education,  Spirituality,  and  Popular
Religiosity.   The  sheer  volume  of  his  publications  is  astounding,
evidence  of  his  prolific  writings  which  have  reached  a  wide
reading  audience.  His  works  have   contributed  to  the Christian
formation  and  education  of  many  generations  of  Filipinos--a
distinguished  service  for  the Church  in the  Philippines.

	  He is  a  beloved  wisdom figure  in the Ateneo  University,  a
witness to  the  unfolding  of  its  history,  its  lights  and  shadows,
its  joys  and  pains.  As   the   University  moves  to the  future, he
will  be  remembered as  one of its  most  endearing and enduring
pillars.   In  his  generous  and  happy  gift of  himself as  a priest,
teacher, and  friend,  his memory  shall  live  on  in many  hearts.

           He who  is  God's faithful  servant   and  priest  had  lived
a  life  as  full as his  laughter  was  rich,  and  as  his  love  was
deep.  To have  known  and loved  him  is  our  special  grace.

Theology Department
January  28,  2002
Feast  of  St. Thomas Aquinas

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