[Blueboard] RE: Urgent call: Prayers for Fr. Gorospe

Astorga . Ma. Christina A. PhD chrissy at admu.edu.ph
Thu Jan 24 07:41:05 PHT 2002

May  we  ask for  prayers  for Fr.  George Gorospe  who is  in  a  very
critical  condition. It is a   touch  and  go  situation  according  to
the  doctor. He is  trying  to hold  on.  May  we  ask  you  to  say  a
prayer of  peace  and  healing  for  him  soon  after  you  read  this
message?  And  may  we  continue to  pray  as  a   community     for  our
dear  Fr.  George.
Thank  you  for  your care.  Theology faculty

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