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     You are cordially invited to the MO Friday Lecture Series for the month of
January 2002.

     Date/Venue:  25 January 2002
                  3:00 - 4:00 pm
                  CCIC Conference Room

     Topic: "Air Pollution Patterns over Metro Manila and Vicinity in Relation
             to Prevailing Winds"

     Resource Person:  Dr. Mariano Estoque
                       Climate Studies Division


     The distribution patterns of air pollution are studied using a simple

model.  The equations of the model are simplification of the equations of

fluid mechanics.  Using the model in conjunction with different prevailing

winds, we computed the space and time variations of the corresponding air

pollution patterns.  Trajectories of air originating from Metro Manila are

also computed.  The results of the computations show that the pollution

patterns and the air trajectories are highly dependent on the  prevailing

winds.  Examples of the patterns and the trajectories will be presented.

Thank you.

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