[Blueboard] Situation Report 21 January 2002

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Tue Jan 22 11:27:45 PHT 2002

                             SITUATION REPORT
                          (Monday 21 January 2002)

POWER:  Calibration of electric submeters at APS-Salcedo was completed in
November last year.  However, it will not be until March when a reliable
projection of power consumption for the year can be determined.  In the
meantime, budget provision for power for the different units will have to
be arbitrarily set.  The rising cost of power is a very good reason to
effectively conserve energy.

COMMUNICATION:  More units now use the intranet for Job Order requests,
request for security and other Physical Plant services.  Other units are
encouraged to avail of this cost effective mode of communication.  Requests
should be sent to: uppa at admu.edu.ph. Please include the following nformation:

1.  Type of work required
2.  Where the work needs to be done
3.  Contact person, and most important 
4.  Budget item the work is to be charged.  

MR. MICHAEL L. CHUA of Loyola Schools is helping Physical Plant set up the
Web page to receive Job Orders by next month.  By then, all units can send
Job Orders via the Internet (http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm).  

WATER:  Manila Water Company's (MWC) pipe near the parking area of the
Dept of Communication building broke early this morning due to the roots of
an acacia tree.  Temporary repairs were made so as not to disrupt water
supply to San Jose Major Seminary.  MWC will repair the pipe this week. 

Given the prospect of El Nino this year, the community is encouraged to
conserve water, particularly during the summer months.    

SECURITY:  There are cases of unreported losses of cash and valuables left
in offices.  These losses appear to be an internal problem as there are no
signs of break-ins.  It appears that office personnel wear jewelry on
campus and remove them before going home as counter measures against
snatching and hold up off campus.  It is strongly suggested that valuables
(cash and jewelry) be left in the filing cabinet safe and not inside table

Vigilance on campus remains the major deterrent to losses.  There are still
cases of carelessness, i.e., students leaving cars unlocked or worse, car
keys left hanging on the car door.    

TRAFFIC:  The good news is that traffic this month has improved compared to
last December.  The bad news is, minor accidents on campus have doubled.
The community is cautioned to slow down when traffic is moving.


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