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Commemoration of EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 at the Ateneo 2002

Remembering our hopes and dreams,
Having Faith in the Future


JAN 16               Kick-Off Mass 9 PM Bellarmine Field
JAN 20-26          Photo Exhibit: EDSA II, Moro Lorenzo Sports Center
and College EDSA Walk
JAN 21               YOUTH FORUM: EDSA II: Youth as the Role Model, 5-7
JAN 27-Feb 2   Photo Exhibit: Mindanao - Land of Conflict, Land of
Promise, MLSC
JAN 29               FILM: Bagong Buwan, 3PM dialogue with
                                        Director, Writer, and Cast, ITC
1&2, High School
JAN 31               SYMPOSIUM: The Mindanao Concern, 5-7 PM, MLSC


FEB 3-6             Photo Exhibit: The Threat of a Narco-State &
Criminalization, MLSC
FEB 5                SYMPOSIUM: Is the Philippines Becoming a
Narco-State & Criminalized, 5-7 PM, MLSC
FEB 9                CONFERENCE: Preventing a Narco-State &
                                                           8AM-5PM, ISO
conf. rm. 3
FEB 10-16         Photo Exhibit: The Quest for National Development,
FEB 12              SYMPOSIUM: The Problem of Poverty & the Challenge of
National Development
                                                      5-7 PM, MLSC
FEB 16              Give Love On Any Day Program and Party, 4 PM
Bellarmine Field
FEB 17-25         Photo Exhibit: EDSA I, MLSC
FEB 19              SYMPOSIUM: Our Hopes & Dreams Re-Inspiring our
National Spirit, 5-7 PM, MLSC
FEB 22-23        Youth Leaders' Summit, 8AM-5PM, ISO conf. rms. 5 & 6
FEB 23             Youth Concert for Hope, 6 PM, Bellarmine Field
FEB 23-24       CONFERENCE: National Development - Jesuit Schools Alumni
& Friends, MLSC

For more information, please call
the Office of Planning and Development
& Alumni Affairs at 426-6001 loc. 4084 & 4089

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