[Blueboard] NEW YEAR, NEW BOOKS!

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Thu Jan 17 16:30:06 PHT 2002

The Ateneo Press invites you to check out the following new titles as
possible additions to your class reading lists, as research materials, or
just for sheer reading pleasure.

Inigo Ed. Regalado's MAY PAGSINTA'Y WALANG PUSO, a novel written in 1921,
lays bare the deepest emotions of people caught in a tangled web of love,
obsession and jealousy. Daring to tackle plots considered too sensitive
for Tagalog literature at the time, Regalado speaks with a master's
command of the language.

written in honor of William Henry Scott, and reflects his varied and
lifelong interests. Edited by Jesus T. Peralta, the festschrift contains
essays by Harold Conklin on Scott's life and work; Jose Mario Francisco SJ
on language and dictionaries; Laura Lee Junker on sixteenth-century
feasting; Doreen Fernandez on the food world of Miguel Ruiz; Jesus Peralta
on the Sama lepa of Tawi-tawi; Fernando Zialcita on land tenure among
nonhispanized Filipinos; Nicole Revel on Palawan epics; Cayetano Sanchez
Fuertes on Francisco Arriaga Mateo (trans. Ma. Antonia Ortigas); John
Schumacher SJ on agrarian developments in the 18th and 19th centuries;
and Resil Mojares on the postrevolutionary transition in Cebu.

In the postcolonial world of independent nation-states, colonialism has
become an embarrassment. So has slavery in the modern world. But Michael
Salman in THE EMBARRASSMENT OF SLAVERY challenges us to look at this issue
especially in the light of our colonial past. In three parts, Salman
examines how the problem of slavery figured in the debate over American
presence in the country, the beginnings of slavery in Moro societies and
its persistence in the 20th century, and the tense relation among
Philippine nationalism, antislavery ideology, and American colonial rule.

These books, like all other Press titles, are available at a discount for
faculty, staff and students. (And if you are interested in reviewing
them for journals and newspapers, we can give you review copies.) The
Press is at Bellarmine Hall, ADMU campus. Tel 4265984; 4266001 ext
4612/3/6 (for review copies ext 4611 or 4261238); Fax 4265909; Email
unipress at admu.edu.ph.

Read in order to live.
	-Gustave Flaubert

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