[Blueboard] SITUATION REPORT (Wednesday - 24 April 2002)

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Wed Apr 24 15:39:20 PHT 2002

                           SITUATION REPORT
                      (Wednesday - 24 April 2002)

Date:			Sunday April 28
Time:			8 am to 6 pm
Affected areas:	College, SDC and ISO complex
Purpose:		To energize the PLDT CTC and JGSOM transformers
Date:			Wednesday May 1 - 8 am to Thursday May 2 - 4 am
Affected areas:	Bellarmine Hall, JR, EAPI, HS and Moro Lorenzo Sports Center
Purpose:		To meet the completion date of the Church of Gesu.
POWER: An electric fan caught fire early yesterday morning in a room in
Eliazo Hall.  Fortunately the occupants woke up before the smoke
overwhelmed them.  The fire was put out before it could spread.  There were
no injuries and damage to property.
Electric fans used on a sustained basis are prone to overheating and fire,
particularly if they are worn out and not maintained.  The risk of fire due
to electric fans is very high during the summer months.
The following are recommended:

    1. Look out for the following signs:  grating sounds (due to worn out
bearings or bushing, loose blade screw etc.);
        irregular operation, and burned rubber stench.   These are the
causes of overheating. 
    2. Turn off fans in unoccupied rooms.      
    3. Keep electric fans away from curtains, bed sheets and other
materials that burn easily. 

WATER:  Effective 1 January 2002, Manila Water Company (MWC) implemented a
tariff adjustment of 6.8% Consumer Price Index and a 2.66% Extraordinary
Price Adjustment that was approved by the MWSS Regulatory Office.  This
means that waters bills increased by roughly 50% starting 1 January 2002.
Supporting documents for these adjustments are available at the University.
Physical Plant Office.  

SECURITY:  Last Monday, there were 1091 construction workers on campus.
Today, there are 1,219 construction workers.  For security reasons, only
those with uniform and ID are allowed to work on campus.  

Losses in offices remain a problem.  The different units have instituted
more stringent measures to counter break-ins. Internal control procedures
are also being strengthened.  Losses involving university funds must be
reported and accounted for.
PARKING:  The east side of the diversion road from Gates 2 to 3 will be
used as carpark in the first semester.  Part of what used to be the corn
field will also be used for parking during the orientation seminar of
Loyola Schools.  
TRAFFIC:   The community is encouraged to get their 2002-2003 Gate Pass
Stickers now while it is not crowded.  The procedure for getting a gate
pass will be posted in the blueboard. It may also be viewed at

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