[Blueboard] New Album from Jesuit Music Ministry

Marilyn Uy jcf at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Apr 1 17:23:36 PHT 2002

the album

One January dusk, the Himig Heswita staged a very intimate concert to
which they invited people suffering from cancer and other long-drawn
illnesses. To them they sang songs carefully chosen, songs they felt
would speak of healing, of comfort, and of God’s presence around and
within all of us. That concert, entitled “Your Dwelling Place,” was the
Jesuit Music Ministry’s way of thanking particular people who, through
the years, cared enough to write JMM to say that Jesuit music had helped
them go through each passing day of pain, of loneliness, of anxiety and
fear brought about by terminal illness. Some of those letter-writers
have gone on to live in the Lord’s dwelling place forever. To them and
to all in need of healing, we dedicate this simple album—an offering of
gratitude and an invitation to prayer.

"Your Dwelling Place: Songs for Healing" is available in CDs and soon in
cassette tapes.  For inquries, please call 4841 or 4842, or call our
direct line 426-5971.  Thank you.

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