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Tue Sep 25 12:06:15 PHT 2001

>(Tuesday, 25 September 2001)
>CONSTRUCTION PROJECT:  The Sacred Heart and the War Monument were relocated
>last Saturday, 22 September to a temporary site near Fr. Masterson Drive.
>As planned, the Sacred Heart and War Monument will be installed
>(enshrined??) in the permanent site by March of 2002.  The Construction
>Managers (SPCASTRO AND ASSOCIATES, INC) assures the community that utmost
>care was exercised in the relocation of the Sacred Heart and the War
>There are two newly constructed path walks to the Loyola Schools.  One path
>walk leads directly to the construction site and is exclusively for
>construction workers.  The other is for the use of the community.  Signs
>identifying these path walks will be installed within the week.  The path
>walk for the use of the community has a break at the moment.  The
>contractor will temporarily stabilize the broken section with gravel and
>make a permanent concrete connection by the middle of next week.  We
>apologize for the temporary inconvenience.  
>TRAFFIC:  The Feast of the Guardian Angel will be celebrated from 26 to 29
>this SEPTEMBER and not in October as erroneously reported yesterday.  The
>community is alerted to heavier traffic than usual on Saturday, 29
>September.  Parking will be difficult.  Additional guards will be assigned
>to manage traffic and supervise parking.
>Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 
>2nd Quarter Status Report Addendum 25 September 2001 also posted at:
>http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Advisory

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