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Mon Sep 24 17:19:46 PHT 2001

>(Monday, 24 September 2001)
>POWER:  There are 39 sub-stations or transformer pads in the Loyola Heights
>campus that must be maintained.  Preventive maintenance work requires power
>outages, which are generally scheduled on weekends.  Since the campus is
>now open seven days a week, it is inevitable that some activities will be
>affected by these power outages.  They will be announced ahead of time. 
>COMMUNICATION:  Monthly electric and water bills are posted in
>http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Information section.  Quarterly and
>weekly situation reports, bulletins (i.e., suspension of classes, power
>outage, water supply interruption, security alert and traffic updates) are
>posted in the Advisory section.  Requests for clarification regarding
>electric, telephone and water bills can be sent to uppa at admu.edu.ph.
>Inquiries regarding job order status, requests for services, complaints or
>notice of activities are also welcome at the same address.   
>Ateneo Wireless Service with Globe is now on line.  Globe cellular phone
>users can access the following sites by keying in the keyword and sending
>the message to 2333:  
>	Keyword			Type of information
>ATENEO NOCLASS		Displays class suspension announcements
>ATENEO NEWS			Displays information for the general public
>ATENEO GS			Displays information about Grade School activities
>ATENEO HS			Displays information about High School activities
>ATENEO HSDISMISS		Displays High School's daily dismissal schedule
>ATENEO LS			Displays information about Loyola Schools' activities
>ATENEO APS			Displays information about Ateneo Professional Schools
>ATENEO UAAP			Displays information about ADMU UAAP status
>ATENEO INFO			Displays telephone nos. of Loyola Heights, Rockwell & Salcedo
>ATENEO HELP			Displays the list of available keywords
>Arrupe International Residence (AIR) new PABX telephone system can be
>reached at 426-5911.  While the AIR's new PABX is still being fine tuned,
>AIR can still be reached at local 4800.  The community will be informed
>when the new local number - local 3899 - is activated..
>WATER:  The cause of the water shortage problem in the High School and Moro
>Lorenzo Sports Center (MLSC) has been identified.  In the last few months,
>the cisterns of the HS and MLSC were not getting filled.  MLSC had to
>resort to water tankers to augment its supply.  The HS operated on limited
>water supply.  This problem was reported to MWC for remedial action.  MWC
>traced the problem to the 3"/75mm0 supply line of the HS.  MWC recommended
>that MLSC tap directly to the 10"/250mm0 MWC line.  
>Cleaning of cisterns/overhead tanks and potability tests are done
>quarterly.  However, when a pipe bursts (i.e., Cervini and Eliazo Residence
>Halls) or maintenance work is done, potability tests are again conducted.

>In the last quarter several cisterns/overhead tanks failed to pass the
>potability tests.  They were again cleaned.  The results are:
>	24 September Test Results (UP NSRI Microbiological Services Laboratory)
>1.  Main cistern				-	Potable
>2.  SEC & Escaler Hall overhead tank	-	Potable
>3.  Faculty Housing cistern tank		-	Potable
>4.  Cervini Residence Hall cistern		-	Potable
>5.  Eliazo Residence Hall cistern		-	Potable
>6.  APS Salcedo cistern			-	Potable
>7.  APS Salcedo overhead tanks		-	NOT POTABLE
>The APS-Salcedo overhead tank is problematic.  It failed the tests even
>after it was cleaned by contractor.  Physical Plant will do the cleaning
>this weekend and have the water tested again.  Hopefully the problem will
>be solved.  Results will be released in the 1 October Situation Report. 
>TRAFFIC:  The traffic flow scheme and geometric improvements initiated by
>Fr. Jose Moises T. Fermin, S.J. in the Grade School/Blue Eagle Gym area
>have been effective.  Traffic has improved in the area despite preparation
>for the Feast of the Guardian Angel.  However, the Feast of the Guardian
>Angel, which will be celebrated from 26 to 29 October, is the most attended
>activity on campus.  Traditionally, traffic is heavy and parking
>overflowing noontime of the last day. 
>The Smart Traffic Light system along Katipunan is still not operational.
>There is no definite date when it will be operational.  It was scheduled to
>go online on 15 July 2001.  Also not implemented is the No Loading and
>Unloading zone at Gate 3.  Non-implementation of this is partly due to the
>Alcatel excavation along Katipunan.  
>The pedestrian waiting shed along Katipunan is now used, although not as
>much as the tricycle waiting shed inside campus.  The sidewalk on the north
>side of University Road from Gate 3 to Fr. Arrupe Drive is extensively
>PARKING:  Remedial repair of potholes in carparks is ongoing.  The south
>carpark area near the pedestrian overpass now serves as an alternative for
>college students displaced by the construction project.  The concrete path
>walk from the carpark to the college complex was also completed on
>SECURITY:  Reported incidence of theft on campus this opening of classes is
>lower compared to last year.  However, there are still losses reported but
>mainly due to carelessness of students.  The same could not be said off
>campus.  The incidences of theft, hold up and deception by "con artists"
>has not abated despise police visibility in the area.    
>SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Trash collection is a serious problem in Metro
>Manila and now affects the Ateneo.  Trash sorting/segregation is required
>of all three campuses in varying degrees.  Of the three campuses,
>APS-Salcedo and APS-Rockwell are subject to more stringent trash sorting
>requirements compared to the Loyola Heights campus.  The trash collector
>off APS-Rockwell is unable to collect daily because of disposal problem.  
>The Loyola Heights campus is fortunate to have a trash collector with no
>disposal problem.  Partly because of this, trash is collected in the Loyola
>campus even if it is not sorted/segregated.  This "luxury" may not be

>possible for long.  The Loyola Heights campus must start sorting trash and
>comply with this requirement.
>MAINTENANCE:  The PLDT Convergence Technologies Center and the School of
>Management buildings are being constructed in an area with many trees.  In
>the past less than 5% of the trees transplanted survived.  This time close
>to 90% of transplanted trees are surviving.       Ms. Thelma G. Padero,
>Asst. to the VP for Finance and Treasurer is to be commended for this very
>successfully operation.  
>The contractor for the construction projects (Church of the GEZU, PLDT CTC
>and School of Management buildings) Summa Kumagai, Inc. also deserves
>commendation for its very professional conduct.  The workers are well
>disciplined and strictly observe the "No Smoking" rule in the construction
>site.  The contractor even built a separate path walk for its workers so as
>not to disturb the student population.  
>Over 1,000 square meters of what used to be a ravine east of Seminary Drive
>near the waiting shed has been backfilled.  The commitment to Fr. Asandas
>D. Balchand, S.J., former Rector of the Loyola House of Studies was to
>backfill and recover the area at no cost.  The idea was to take advantage
>of offers of filling materials transported to Ateneo free of charge.  The
>understanding with Fr. Balchand also included compaction of backfill
>material through natural process.  Physical Plant also offered to gradually
>grade the area at no cost to the houses along the Seminary Drive.    
>Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 
>2nd Quarter Status Report 24 September 2001 also posted at:
>http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Advisory

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