[Blueboard] Letter of Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D.

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Clear Day


        I have been alarmed by the publicity of the cult of "Our Lady of All Nations."  There are local television channels which show the prayers connected to this apparition.  Please be guided by the following:

        "Another series of apparitions which have recently become popular are those which are allegedly to have taken place in Amsterdam in Holland between 1945 and 1959.  The visionary was a certain Ida Peerdeman, a middle-aged woman.  These 'visions' have come into prominence in recent years under the title given to Mary in them, "Our Lady of All Nations."  The lately deceased bishop of Haarlem, Msgr. Bomers, issued a notification in 1996 which allowed veneration of Mary under the above title, but without giving any support to the alleged "messages," as the following text makes clear:  "Distinction must be made between the apparitions/messages on the one hand and the Marian title "The Lady of All Peoples (Nations) on the other hand."

        The bishop then went on to say: "At the moment the Church cannot make a pronouncement about the supernatural character of the apparitions and the content of the messages.  One is free to make a personal judgment according to his or her own conscience."  However, given the condemnation of the alleged apparitions and messages which was issued by the original bishop, Msgr. Huibers, this seems like rather a strange statement to make, and in fact seems to have given the Amsterdam messages a new lease of life.

        A Notification "regarding [the] alleged apparitions" by the Sacred Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, in the 27 June 1974 issue of L'osservatore Romano, makes the following points, and is worth quoting in full:
  With regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of "Our Lady of All Nations", said to have taken place in Amsterdam, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considers it advisable to make the following declarations.

  On 7 May 1956, the Bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem (Netherlands), following a careful examination of the case concerning the supposed apparitions and revelations of 'Our Lady of All Nations', declared that he 'found no evidence of the supernatural nature of the apparitions.'  He therefore prohibited public veneration of the picture of 'Our Lady of All Nations' and the spreading of writings which attributed a supernatural origin to these apparitions and revelations.

  On 2 March 1957, the same Ordinary repeated the above statement.  The Holy Office, in a letter dated 13 March of the same year, praised the Bishop's prudence and pastoral concern and approved of the measures taken.  Moreover, in reply to an appeal of the Bishop of Haarlem dated 29 March 1972, the Sacred Congregations for the Doctrine of Faith, on 24 May of the same year, confirmed the previous decision on the matter.

        At the present time, following on further developments and after a fresh and deeper examination of the case, the Sacred Congregations for the Doctrine of the Faith confirms by the present notification the judgment already expressed by the competent ecclesiastical authority and invites priests and laity to discontinue all forms of propaganda with regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of 'Our Lady of All Nations.'

                                                                                        JAIME L. CARDINAL SIN, DD
                                                                                               Archbishop of Manila

Villa San Miguel
08 September 2001
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