[Blueboard] UNICEF CARDS

karen orp at admu.edu.ph
Thu Sep 20 15:46:03 PHT 2001

This is probably a rare year that Septem-ber has arrived and Christmas carols 
have not yet invaded the mall sound systems nor the AM stations.  At NBS across 
the road, they're starting to lay out the Christmas decor (albeit reluctantly, 
it seems).

At ORP, we haven't hung the decor yet, and our minds are still in a non-holiday 
mode, BUT we have received our UNICEF Christmas card, datebook and writign paper 
delivery for the season.

ORP is one of a very few official outlets for UNICEF cards in Manila (check out 
their site at www.unicef.org/philippines > support>unicef>greeting cards where 
ORP is listed!)

So for the early birds out there who wish to have the pick of the crop, visit us 
soon to check out the Christmas designs, and help spread the spirit of the 
coming season.

Let us pray for a peaceful Christmas season for all the children of the world.

Karen Berthelsen Cardenas
426-6001, local 5183
fax/direct:  426-5663

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