[Blueboard] Praying Our Friendships(a WEEKEND RETREAT for LS Faculty/Administrators)

Dr. Tejido mtejido at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Thu Sep 20 23:54:30 PHT 2001

Dear Friends,


Here's a thought:  All reality is gift, not just friendship; to experience
reality as gift is what faith is all about; faith is the greening of our

God bless you all.

Dr. Manuel Tejido
Theology Department
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>Friendship is a gift.
>It opens up worlds for us within and without.
>To have a friend is to be profoundly connected
>to a richly self-defining way of being in the world.
>Friendship is the sacrament of possibility.
>Through our friends we come to discover
>what we cannot see in ourselves
>and prod it into fullness.
>It is said that the only way to grow
>as a true human being
>is to take the risk of being a friend
>and giving time to establishing a friendship.
>is a retreat that explores the important place of friendship in our lives
>and its significance for spirituality.  Each retreatant is encouraged
>to come with a friend/s (a friend may be a peer, a parent, a sibling,
>a co-worker, a spouse, a classmate, etc.) to "pray" their relationship
>together.  The retreat includes a ritual of commitment between/ among
>Director: Sr. Bubbles Bandojo, RC
>Limited slots only.  Reserve your slot now at the CM office.
>Thank you.
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