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Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Sep 17 17:16:26 PHT 2001

                               SITUATION REPORT
                          (Monday, 17 September 2001)

POWER:  The Sunday night (9 Sept.) electrical fire cut power in the SEC and
caused single phasing in several buildings.  The single phasing problem
was>corrected early Monday morning.  Power was restored in the SEC common
facilities by Monday afternoon.  The Biology wing and the Physics/Chemistry
wing were provided power in the afternoon and in the evening of the
following day.  The cause of the electrical fire is still being determined.
The distributor and installer of the transformer have examined the
equipment and the electrical system.  Both will submit their respective
findings this Friday.  Meralco has also been requested for a copy of their
incident report.  The university electrical consultant will also submit his
assessment on Saturday.  

Starting today, the Situation Report will be referring to uildings using
their official names.  The popularly known "Common Facilities" is
officially named the Science Education Center & Escaler Hall.  The "Biology
wing" is the First Pacific Centre for Biological Sciences & PCIB Lecture
Hall. The Physics/Chemistry wing is officially the Chemistry, Environmental
Science and Physics Laboratories and P&G Lecture Hall.  The next wing
towards PIPAC that is under construction is the PLDT Convergence
Technologies Center (PLDT CTC), to be followed soon by the School of
Management (SOM) wing.

COMMUNICATION:  The interconnection of Arrupe International Residence's
(AIR) new PABX to the campus system last week encountered problems.  Last
Wednesday LHS could not reach the JR but this was corrected on Thursday. At
present AIR's PABX cannot be reached by campus PABX, although AIR can call
other units on campus.  A tie card expected tomorrow should solve this

WATER:  The main cistern was contaminated when its supply line was damaged.
 The damaged pipe was repaired on the 11th.  The main cistern was cleaned
on the 14th.  Since Cervini and Eliazo residence halls draw water from the
main cistern, their respective cisterns were also cleaned on the 15th.
Water samples from these cisterns will be taken today for potability tests.   

The overhead tanks of the First Pacific Centre for Biological Sciences &
PCIB Lecture Hall and Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics
Laboratories and P&G Lecture Hall were repaired and cleaned over the
weekend.  The repair of the APS-Salcedo overhead tanks was also completed
last week.  Water samples from these tanks will also be taken today for
potability tests.  Results will be released this Friday and announced next

SECURITY:  Drug abuse is a national concern.  Mr. Gabriel F. Mallillin,
High School Assoc. Principal for Student Affairs of the High School has
taken steps to link up with the parents and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance
Education) to educate students on drug abuse.  What Mr. Mallillin is
starting in the High School may also be followed by the Grade School for
its upper grade students.  Ateneo may be drug-free but is not insulated
from drug pushers immediately outside the campus.

TRAFFIC:  Widening of the Grade School Lane-Fr. Masterson Drive exit was
not completed as scheduled last week.  It was completed only last Saturday.
 Only one of two lanes can be used today because the concrete is not fully
cured.  Both lanes will be ready for use by tomorrow.  Traffic flow would
be faster later this week when all the infrastructure improvements
initiated are in place and users are familiar with the new scheme.

The traffic flow has improved in the area.  It is expected to be much
better when users become familiar with the new scheme.  Fr. Jose Moises T.
Fermin, S.J., initiated these changes.

The GS will use their inner driveway and part of the Grade School Lane for
the Feast of the Guardian Angel rides.  The affected area will be closed to
traffic starting Thursday, 20 September until 1 October 2001.  Some
thirty-eight GS personnel (other than the medical staff) and 20 official
school buses will have to park outside the area.  Official school buses
will load and unload at the outer driveways.  This may strain parking and
traffic flow in the area, unless parents, drivers and visitors agree to
park farther away from the GS complex.  

The Civil Service Commission will use the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre for an
Awarding Ceremony on the 28th.  If there are other activities scheduled
around this time, please inform the University Physical Plant office.

Traffic was heavier than usual over the weekend because of the ACET at the
Grade School and High School.  Saturday traffic especially was difficult
because of the UAAP games at the Blue Eagle Gym and the opening of the RIFA
football games.  Unfortunately the RIFA event was not relayed to Physical
Plant.  Because of this, the security office was not prepared for the
additional flow of vehicles.  

All units are reminded to inform the University Physical Plant of scheduled
activities by fax or via email (uppa at admu.edu.ph).   

As announced earlier, a section of the concrete walk from the Physics,
Chemistry and Environmental Science Laboratories and P&G Lecture Hall wing
to the pedestrian overpass will be closed on the 24th.  The PLDT CTC
building will be constructed in the area.  By then, an alternative concrete
walk to the pedestrian overpass would have been completed and ready for use.  

PARKING:  The campaign against vehicles running motors while parked or
waiting for passengers is encountering difficulties.  The community is
requested to assist in soliciting the cooperation of all motorists to help
conserve fuel and more importantly, improve air quality on campus.  Please
report erring vehicles to local 4101 or via email to uppa at admu.edu.ph.
Include the make of the vehicle, the plate number and sticker number.

TRASH COLLECTION:  The trash collector of APS-Rockwell is having problems
in trash disposal and is not able to collect trash daily.  Trash collection
problem is widespread and compounded by non-compliance to waste segregation.  

Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 
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