[Blueboard] Masses for Peace

L/S Campus Ministry Office ls_cmo at admu.edu.ph
Thu Sep 13 12:04:24 PHT 2001

    All our masses at the College Chapel for the following days
       will be offered for the victims of violence in the US
           and their families,  and for peace in the world.

"Let us beg the Lord that the spiral of hatred and violence will not
prevail. May the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Mercy, fill the hearts of all
with wise thoughts and peaceful intentions.... I invite you all to join me
in commending the victims of this shocking tragedy to Almighty God's
eternal love. Let us implore his comfort upon the injured, the families
involved, all who are doing their utmost to rescue survivors and help
those affected." (Statement of the Holy Father, Sept 12)

  	O God, Creator of the universe, who extends your paternal
	concern over every creature and guides the events of history
	to the goal of salvation, we acknowledge your fatherly love
	when you break the resistance of mankind and, in a world torn by
	strife and discord, you make us ready for reconciliation.
	Renew for us the wonders of your mercy; send forth your
	Spirit that He may work in the intimacy of hearts, that
	enemies may begin to dialogue, that adversaries may shake hands
	and peoples may encounter one another in harmony. May all
	commit themselves to the sincere search for true peace
	which will extinguish all arguments, for charity which overcomes
	hatred, for patience which disarms revenge.

		(Prayer for Peace, Pope John Paul II)


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