[Blueboard] What's Hot in Leadership

Aldem Salvana demskie at admu.edu.ph
Sat Sep 8 17:08:11 PHT 2001

How do you increase profits? How do you motivate people? How do you make

things happen in your organization? Often the only difference between 
winning and losing is momentum! What is the key that makes it possible
an organization to keep the momentum going? The answer is not WHAT but
the leader. It takes a leader to sustain momentum.

Be the leader who not only sustains momentum in the organization but one

who increases it! Learn the LAW OF THE BIG MO and see your organization 
fly. As well as other laws: Law of Empowerment, The Law of Reproduction,

The Law of Victory, The Law of Buy-IN. These are the Irrefutable Laws of

Leadership that any leader needs to be effective!

Sept 22, 2001 at the Walter Hogan Bldg, ISO complex, Ateneo de Manila 
University. Register today to avail of discounts! Call Yselle at 4158713
3729265 or email us at mail at empoweredleader.com.

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