[Blueboard] Situation Report - 3 September 2001

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Sep 3 15:42:59 PHT 2001

(Monday, 3 September 2001)

POWER:  Electric bills for August will be sent to the different units via
the intranet tomorrow afternoon. The bills will show the KWH used and cost
compared to the previous month's KWH used and cost.  

Government representatives are expected to inspect Ateneo's compliance to
electrical, fire, mechanical, sanitary, and other building requirements.
Should these "inspectors" proceed to the units directly, please call the
University Physical Plant office (local 4101) for coordination.  These
visits must be pre-arranged and coordinated so as not to disturb classes.
The inspectors should also present their mission order, notice and ID.  The
inspection should also be during office hours and not shortly before lunch
break.  Half of Loyola Heights campus is within Quezon City and the other
half is a part of Marikina City.  Most inspectors unfortunately do not know
this and attempt to inspect facilities outside their jurisdiction. 

COMMUNICATION:  Ateneo's Wireless Service with Globe is now on line.  You
may access the following sites by keying in the keyword and sending the
message to 2333:

   Keyword				Type of information

ATENEO NOCLASSES 		Displays class suspension
ATENEO NEWS			Displays information for the general
ATENEO GS			Displays information about Grade
                               School activities
ATENEO HS			Displays information about High
School activities
ATENEO HSDISMISS		Displays High School class suspension
ATENEO LS			Displays information about Loyola
                                Schools activities
ATENEO APS			Displays information about Ateneo
  Professional Schools
ATENEO UAAP			Displays information about ADMU UAAP
ATENEO INFO			Displays telephone nos. of Loyola
                                  Heights, Rockwell & Salcedo
ATENEO HELP			Displays the list of available

Similar arrangements are being finalized with Smart Communications, Inc.
using the same keywords. Smart GSM payphones will also be installed in the
Loyola Heights campus within the next two weeks.  These payphones are
basically cellular phones
and are capable of sending text messages.  GSM payphones will be installed
near the gates for students, personnel and visitors to use instead of the
phones of gate guards. 

WATER:  The APS-Salcedo overhead tank was not repaired over the weekend as
scheduled.  The contractor only came to start repair this morning.    In
the meantime, APS-Salcedo water is still not potable.    The broken pipe
supplying water to the main cistern (near LHS) and Loyola House of Studies
was repaired yesterday.  As reported, the PVC pipe broke last Friday when
drivers threw a large rock at a monitor lizard and hit thepipe instead.
The report failed to identify the drivers who broke the pipe. 

SECURITY:  There are still losses reported on campus, particularly in the
Loyola Schools (LS).  Most involve loss of wallets and cellular phones.  In
almost all cases, bags were left unattended for a few minutes or left with
a friend who also went away briefly.  Commonly reported as likely suspects
are fellow students or persons who look like students.  Construction of new
buildings and renovation work in the college complex will involve many
workers.  Construction workers will be in uniform or with
ID.  Currently, visitors, canteen employees, personnel of canteens
concessionaires and vendors invited by students roam the campus without
uniforms or ID cards.  They are not distinguishable from students and
university personnel.  Some of the visitors and personnel can be mistaken
for students of LS.

TRAFFIC:  The traffic last Friday afternoon was due to the Grade School's
parent-teachers consultation (PTC).  Grades 4 to 7 were all dismissed at
12:10 p.m. at about the same time that the parents were arriving.  Grades 2
and 3 were also dismissed at 1:30 p.m. as the bulk of the parents arrived.
Carparks were filled and parents who came late parked on the sides of the
diversion road.  Congestion on campus affected the flow of traffic along
Katipunan in the afternoon and in the evening.

Traffic may again be heavier than usual this Thursday because of the UAAP
games at the Blue Eagle Gym and the late dismissal of the Grade School
because of its activity day.  Heavy traffic in the gym and GS complex may
affect traffic in Gate 3 and Katipunan. 

The Alcatel excavation along Katipunan is now in front of Miriam College.
It is expected to reach Ateneo in the next two weeks.  Arrangements are
being worked out so their work will not disrupt Ateneo traffic.  

MWC is also scheduled to repair the pipe they earlier installed across
Katipunan.  They may have to cut/excavate Katipunan road again.  MWC has
promised to do the work at night and will take all the necessary steps so
as not to disrupt Ateneo traffic.

PARKING:  The construction projects south of the college complex may
temporarily displace student-driven cars.  They will be directed to park
near the pedestrian overpass.    

Signs will be installed this Saturday to inform drivers not to run vehicle
motors and air conditioners while parked and waiting for student
passengers.  The penalty for violation of this ban is P500.00.  

To discourage gambling in the east carpark, chauffeur-driven cars for
college students might be required to park near the pedestrian overpass.  A
seriously considered option is to ask chauffeur-driven college students to
be dropped off in school in the morning and picked up only in the afternoon
or evening.  Not having chauffeur-driven cars parked on campus would give
more parking slots to college students.  

Remedial patching of potholes in carparks was done over the weekend.  The
diversion road near the baseball field is also being widened to enable big
vehicles to turn right safely.  The damaged section of the parking area
near the pedestrian overpass was also backfilled and compacted last week.

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Mr. James H. Esguerra's Environmental Science
students are putting up an experimental composting site near the universit

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