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Mon Oct 29 16:06:33 PHT 2001

			     (Monday, 29 October 2001)

POWER:  Ten firemen came to inspect the Loyola Heights campus this morning
to check if the University is complying with the provisions of the Fire
Code.  The rationale for their large number is to complete the inspection
as soon as possible.  The electrical inspection is still ongoing and may
take a few more weeks to complete.

COMMUNICATION:  This to clarify the notice last week regarding the
deactivation of stolen cellular phones.  Only postpaid/subscribed cellular
phones can be deactivated.  The service providers cannot deactivate
pre-paid cellular phones.  This clarification was prompted by the query of
Fr. Roger Champoux, S.J.     

Bayantel is disconnecting and pulling out 24 out of 57 payphones in the
Loyola Heights campus.  They have not been generating expected revenue for
Bayantel.  The bulk of the payphones are from the college complex and a few
are the High School and Grade School areas.  

Smart Communications on the other hand, started installing GSM payphones
last Thursday.  There are now about nine installed, starting with the unit
at the Gate 2 & 3 waiting sheds.  The cards for the Smart payphones will be
available before the start of the 2nd semester.  The authorized distributor
on campus is the Eagle's Corner.

SECURITY:  Leopard Investigation and Security Agency (LSIA) will be the
security agency for the Loyola Heights campus starting 1 November.  To
facilitate turnover of responsibility, LSIA has been asked to move in on
campus the day before.  On Wednesday morning, LSIA guards will join Paredes
Security and Watchman Agency guards secure the campus.   Formal changing of
the guards is set at sunset of the same day.  There will be no disruption
of campus routine during the transition.   

The community is requested to direct queries, requests and other concerns
regarding campus security and traffic to the University Physical Plant
office (email to: uppa at admu.edu.ph) rather than to LSIA.  

Traditionally, theft and losses increase as the Christmas season nears.  It
is expected to be higher this year.  The community is reminded to take
precaution and more importantly, refrain from keeping cash and checks
inside office tables.  Petty cash funds are to be secured in filing cabinet
vaults.  Cash collections for various activities should be deposited with
the cashier or banks rather than kept in offices.  

TRAFFIC:  Loyola Memorial has donated P10,000 for the construction of the
Church of Gesu. They have asked permission to park their vehicles inside
the campus during the All Souls and All Saints Day holidays.  Their request
has been approved. 

MAINTENANCE:  Ms. Jenice Jocson Cruz of the Office of International
Programs wrote Physical Plant to ask why Ateneo personnel are not sorting
trash at source as asked of students.   In response to this, the community
is requested to participate in implementing solid waste management on
campus.  To set the example, the University Physical Plant will put two
sets of trashcans in its offices and shop.

Summa Kumagai, Inc. (contractor of the Church of Gesu and the PLDT CTC/SOM
construction project) is commended for its garbage segregation and
composting pit projects in the construction site.  

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Report 29 October Situation 2001 is also posted at:
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