[Blueboard] Need new books to chew on and savor during the looong break?

alunsina at admu.edu.ph alunsina at admu.edu.ph
Wed Oct 24 10:14:03 PHT 2001

The Ateneo Press has just the titles for you!

PEOPLE OF POWER, A Philippine Worldview of Spirit Encounters, by John P. 
McAndrew (2001) situates first-person accounts of spirit encounters within the 
context of a worldview of indigenous religion and healing. This book examines 
five central themes: acquiring personal power, remembering one's debt of 
gratitude, healing as efficacious power, competing with the power of others, 
and the localization of religious beliefs. It also explores the affinity of 
localized religion to the emerging ecological worldview of the universe. 184 pp.

IMAGE TO MEANING (2001), a collection of critical essays on the visual arts by 
Alice G. Guillermo, shows how the practice of art criticism intersects with art 
history and theory. The essays span more than two decades of writing on the 
arts from 1979 to 2001, coinciding with an active and exciting period in the 
development of art in the country. The book aims to appeal to all lovers of 
art, as it combines intellectual analysis with a sense of enjoyment and 
emotional satisfaction. Art criticism, after all, involves not looking at art 
from the outside but closely engaging it from within. The book also has photos 
of art works by selected artists. 264 pp.

Incidentally, IMAGE TO MEANING contains "The Imagery of the Indigenous," an 
essay on the art of Fil de la Cruz, ARTSPEAK's guest this afternoon (October 
24, 4.30 pm, Art Gallery, 4266001 ext 4160). The book also features his work, 
"The Wives of Datu Bog," in its color photographs.

Both books, though rich in insight and imagery, are nevertheless easy on the 
eye, easy to carry and easy on the pocket.

Reserve your copies now: ATENEO PRESS, 4266001 ext 4612/3/6; 4265984; 4265909 
(fax); or email us at unipress at admu.edu.ph. Or check them out at your favorite 
bookstore (do let us know if you can't find them there).


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