[Blueboard] SITUATION REPORT - Monday, 22 October 2001

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Mon Oct 22 13:06:25 PHT 2001

			  (Monday, 22 October 2001)

POWER:  The inspectors from the Quezon City Engineer's Office are very
professional.  They come on time and actually inspect facilities rather
than just building plans.  They note violations as they see them, i.e.,
"octopus" connections in offices, "wire jumpers" in safety switches instead
of fuses, uncovered electrical panels, exposed electrical lines etc.  The
inspection will take a while to complete as the inspectors can only come on
Tuesday and Thursday.  

In contrast, the fire inspectors are of another breed.  They came close to
lunchtime last week and appeared more interested in a free meal than doing
their job.  They were told to come back this week and do their work.  

The University at the moment is not Building and Fire Code compliant.
Ateneo's development has been uneven, - that is facilities have not been
able to keep pace with the growth of school units.  To cope with the fast
growth, contingency renovations/expansion were resorted to.  This explains
the following:

1. An electrical panel inside toilets (a faculty toilet was constructed
   under the stairs where the electrical panel was located).  
2. In electrical panel board located (behind the altar) inside the Chapel
   (set up at least 38 years ago).  
3. Maintenance equipment/supplies and a lounge inside electrical rooms.  
4. Feeder lines in classrooms designed to support two electric fans but now
   overloaded with eight electric fans.
5. Exposed/open wiring in buildings.  They were allowed 30 years ago but
   are now considered a violation of the building code. 
6.Fire exits and corridors periodically blocked with furniture/files etc.
  for lack of storage space.

The inspectors have not seen these deficiencies yet.  They will have to be
rectified soon otherwise our Certificate of Inspections will not be given.

Given this development, the requirement of CHED-NCR for copies of this
year's Fire Safety Inspection Certificate, Annual Building Certificate and
Certificate of Electrical Inspection cannot be submitted today.

SECURITY:  Cellular phone snatching is rampant.  To counter this, cell
owners are advised to:

1. Keep cell phones in pockets or bags.  
2. Avoid the use of cell phones while walking or inside a public vehicle.
3. Activate the silent mode when in public places and vehicles.  

Cell phone owners are also advised to keep a record of the serial number of
their unit.  For Nokia owners who may not know it yet, key in *#06# to get
the serial number of the unit.  If the cell phone is stolen, report to the
service provider so the phone can be deactivated and rendered useless.    

MAINTENANCE:  Rat and mice infestation in buildings and offices can be
minimized if care is given in cleaning up after eating.  Waste must be
disposed of in covered trashcans.  Periodic poisoning of rats and mice are
not as effective as sanitary practices.

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