[Blueboard] Unclaimed Checks

cao at admu.edu.ph cao at admu.edu.ph
Tue Oct 9 11:54:33 PHT 2001

DATE:	8 October 2001
TO:	All Unit Heads
FROM:	Central Accounting Office (CAO)
SUBJECT:	Unclaimed Checks

The CAO would like to enhance the monitoring of unclaimed voucher and payroll 
checks. In this light, our Office plans to regularly [weekly] send you a list 
of unclaimed checks. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent these checks 
from being stale and further build-up of unclaimed check requests in the CAO.

Your Unit’s check requests are released at the Central Accounting Office 
through the following windows:

   Window Number	                Check Type
        10	                For suppliers and other payees
        11	                For payroll checks

We are requesting you to please indicate your Unit’s E-mail address and 
telephone and fax number during the preparation of your Order for a Check [OC]. 
In this way, we would be able to send you the list of unclaimed that will be 
your basis of informing your payees to promptly claim their checks. We would 
appreciate your Unit’s assistance regarding this matter.

Very truly yours,

Controls Supervisor, Central Accounting Office

Noted by:

Director, Central Accounting Office

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