[Blueboard] Situation Report - 1 October 2001

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Mon Oct 1 13:37:39 PHT 2001

		   	   (Monday, 1 October 2001)

POWER:  The "bushing insert" of the 750 KVA transformers damaged in the
electric fire last 9 September was replaced yesterday afternoon.  The power
system of the Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics Laboratories and
P&G Lecture Hall (previously known as the Physics/Chemistry wing) is back
to normal.  

Defective transformer secondary jumper cables were also replaced in the
substations near David Hall and behind the Chapel yesterday morning.  The
problematic cables were detected earlier when the substations were checked
and cleared of weeds and vines.  They could not be replaced then because a
power outage would disrupt ongoing activities. 

Power line connections were also installed for additional air condition
units at the Communication Arts building yesterday morning.  In addition,
circuit breakers were upgraded to support additional power load.  

COMMUNICATION:  The August-September electric bills will be posted in
http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Information section by Tuesday
afternoon.  Hard copies of the electric bill will be sent only to units not
linked to the Intranet, i.e. the AMPC and other canteens on campus.
Telephone and water bills will also be posted in the web page within the week.

Smart GSM payphones will be installed in the Loyola Heights campus during
the break this October.  GSM payphones will also be installed in
APS-Rockwell and Salcedo shortly after.   

WATER:  The APS-Salcedo overhead tanks were cleaned yesterday.  However,
rusty sections were still found.  Additional repairs will be done in the
next quarter, as more time is needed to do these.  Water samples will be
taken today for potability tests.  The test results will be out this Friday
and will be announced in next week's Situation Report.  

Work to connect the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center water supply line directly
to the Manila Water Company (MWC) 10"/250mm line will start late this week.
 The High School will have exclusive use of the 3"/75mm line to MWC.    

SECURITY:  A thief was apprehended last Friday, 28 September during the
Feast of the Guardian Angel celebration.  A parent saw him get the
unattended bag of another parent and called security.  When apprehended, he
had in his possession a stolen cellular phone and P1000.00 cash.  He
readily admitted that the items were stolen.  He also revealed where he
left the bag and what he did with the other items in the bag.  The bag was
found with only a bottle of perfume.  The wallet with ID, driver's license,
ATM and credit cards were recovered in trashcans in several areas. Except
for the Equitable Visa credit card, all stolen items were covered.

The thief, like most thieves caught on campus carried no dentification.
Even the wallet and the Internet and credit cards he had with him were
stolen earlier.  He claimed to be  "Paul Lim" - no middle name because he
claims to be an illegitimate child.  He is 5'8" tall and weights about 180
pounds.  He claims to be 28 years old, jobless and a resident of 1065
Interior 10, New Antipolo Street, Blumentrit, Manila.  All the information
he provided could not be verified by telephone.  

Since practically all the stolen items were recovered, the parent who was
robbed decided not to press charges against the suspect.  Security had no
option but to persuade the thief to mend his ways and not to visit the
campus again.  He was then released in good condition.

TRAFFIC:  The Feast of the Guardian Angel was a success.  The rides have
now been dismantled and the inner driveway cleared.  Approximately
thirty-eight GS personnel and 20 official school buses will now be able to
return to the inner parking and driveway.  Traffic in the Grade School-Blue
Eagle Gym area should improve when classes resume tomorrow.  

PARKING:  Three college students reported a parking guard for misconduct
last Monday, 24 September.  The guard allegedly offered to cancel parking
violation tickets in return for "merienda" money.  The guard was relieved
from his post and asked to answer the charges.  A hearing was set on
Thursday afternoon, 27 September with the guard and the students present.
The students admitted parking illegally on Saturday afternoon, 22
September.  However, the students claimed that it was already past office
hours and parking in the restricted area was allowed.  The students further
alleged that the guard hinted that the parking violation could be cancelled
for some consideration.  The guard issued the ticket but failed to report
the violation on Monday morning, 24 September.  Instead, he asked the
students to see him to "discuss" the matter later in the day.  During the
hearing the guard also did not refute the charge of the students that he
asked for "merienda".  The guard was found guilty as charged.  He was
removed from the roster of guards and banned on campus.  The Paredes
Security and Watchman Agency guard was assigned to the Loyola Heights
campus only in June 2001.

The three students, John Gayle Garcia, Quirino Noel dela Torre, and Inigo
Antonio J. Carino are commended for refusing to be part of an illegal act
and for their courage to correct it.  Their parking violation fine was
waived because they would rather pay the P500.00 fine than pay "merienda"
money to a corrupt guard.  

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Trash disposal is a serious problem in Metro
Manila.  Ateneo should be part of the solution rather than the problem.
Initially, the Ateneo community can help by observing the three Rs:

1. Reduce  - The use of disposable items, should be minimized.  In offices,
revise    obsolete forms requiring carbon paper.  Use email/intranet where
possible for    short notes, and informal communication rather than sending
hard copies.
2. Reuse - Keep things that can be used again.  Use both sides of the bond
paper.     Reuse envelopes, folders and paper clips as many times as
3. Recycle - segregate waste at source for easier sorting of recyclable
materials    like newspapers, office papers, cardboard boxes, folders,
envelopes, glass from    plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

MAINTENANCE:  Construction of seven security lights along the newly
constructed path walk from the pedestrian overpass to the college complex
was completed yesterday.  They will be lighted tonight.        

World War II artillery projectiles were recovered at the Church of GESU
construction site last 25 and 26 September.  Following procedures, the
ordnance was reported to the PNP for disposal.   The PNP Bomb Disposal Unit
that came to retrieve the ordnance confirmed that most were spent but one
was live.  In most of the construction projects on campus, World War II
ammunition have been found but no explosion has ever occurred. 


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