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Mon Nov 19 14:18:15 PHT 2001

                     3rd QUARTER STATUS REPORT
                     (Monday, 19 November 2001)

POWER:  The ongoing electrical and fire safety inspection are the most
rigorous conducted so far on campus.  This is a welcome development as the
remedial measures will make the campus much safer.  Copies of the report
will be given to the units once they are completed.

The reasons for the increase in power cost are:

1.	Meralco rates increased by an average of 20% compared to last year.   
2.	Facilities have been used longer than previous years.
3.	More air conditioning units have been installed.

COMMUNICATION:  The use of the intranet has reduced the reliance on
messengers for delivering utility bills and inter-office communications.
So far, the following are in place: 

1.	Monthly electric and water bills are now sent via the
blueboard at lists.ateneo.edu and posted at

2.	Weekly situation and quarterly status reports, bulletins (i.e.,
suspension of classes, power outage, water interruption, security alert and
traffic updates) are also posted in the blueboard at lists.ateneo.edu and at

3.	Monthly PABX outside call charges are sent directly to the units.

4.	Requests for clarification regarding electric/telephone/water bills,
inquiries regarding job order status, requests for services/complaints and
notice of activities sent to uppa at admu.edu.ph have been increasing.  

However, the blueboard at lists.ateneo.edu is limited to Ateneo personnel and
not accessible to students.  Efforts will be made to post campus traffic
and security bulletins via the cellular provider SMS systems so that they
will be accessible to students and parents.  

Information dissemination on campus will further improve if the different
units post their activities in the websites.  

WATER:  The water supply problem in the High School and Moro Lorenzo Sports
Center (MLSC) has been solved.  

Cleaning of cisterns/overhead tanks this quarter are scheduled to start on
29 November.  Tests will be conducted afterwards.  Test results will be
posted in the Situation Report of 10 December 2001.  

TRAFFIC:  The Smart Traffic Light system along Katipunan is still not
online.   There is no definite date when it will be operational.  

Arrangements are being made to have a tricycle terminal near the waiting
shed along Seminary Drive.  The terminal will be located on the backfilled
area rather than along Seminary Drive.  This will free the road and make it
two lanes.  The Seminary Drive tricycle terminal will be ready early
January next year.   

Faking of gate pass sticker is not limited to college students.  Vehicles
of High School and Grade School students with fake stickers have been
caught.  The latest apprehension is that of a Grade School vehicle.  This
offense is subject to a P5000 penalty.  In most of the High School and
Grade School apprehensions, the owner of the vehicle pointed to the driver
as the culprit.  Campus security will continue to monitor gate pass stickers.

SECURITY:  Leopard Security and Investigation Agency (LSIA) replaced
Paredes Security and Watchman Agency in the Loyola Heights campus last 1
November 2001.  LSIA has been the security agency at the APS building in
Salcedo, Makati since 1977.  The other security agency under contract with
Ateneo is Eaglewatch Security Services (ESS) for APS-Rockwell.  Both LSIA
and ESS are committed to provide effective security services for the
University through closely monitored and supervised guards who are
adequately trained and equipped.  The pictures of the supervisors of the
security agencies are posted at:

http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/security-sec.htm for Loyola Heights    
http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/security-apsrocwell.htm for APS-Rockwell
http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/security-aps.htm for APS-Salcedo   

Tricycle drivers will be required to place their ID inside their tricycles,
similar to what is required of taxi drivers.  This will help passengers
identify the drivers who overcharge them and will make it easier for them
to locate tricycles where they may have left their personal things.  The
measure should be in place by next month.

Losses due to carelessness remain a major security problem.  The community
is requested to be more vigilant in the coming weeks, when incidence of
theft traditionally increases.


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