[Blueboard] an invitation to young single ladies

L/S Campus Ministry Office ls_cmo at admu.edu.ph
Thu Nov 15 12:38:49 PHT 2001

	  	  There will be a Vocation Seminar for Women
		     	  on November 24, 2001, Saturday,
			        1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
		            at the Colayco Prayer Room.

	     All single female college students and professionals
		     are invited. Please sign-up at the
			   Campus Ministry Office.

		Yes to one     is often no to another
		here walks my grief    and here has often been
		my peak of anguish    yes is the one need
		of my whole life   but time and time again
		law forces no   up through my heart and lips
		spiked leaden ball   rending as it arises
		leaving its blood and pain   yes is the soft
		unfolding of petals   delicate with surprises
		curve and caress    and billowing delight
		out to the one or many   I would guess
		heaven for me    will be an infinite
		flowering of one species   a measureless sheer
		beatitude of yes

					(Jessica Powers)


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