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                          SECURITY BULLETIN
                    (Wednesday, 14 November 2001)

41 years old, 5' 8" tall, approximately 130 lbs.
Married with 4 children, residing at 196 Bignay St., Project 2, Quezon City

SG Efren M Sindac intercepted Rod Navarro Caasi, Jr. near the High School
Art Pavilion at 9:45 yesterday morning.  He entered the High School grounds
from the wooded area near the Jesuit Residence rather than the main
entrance.  When asked what his business was in the High School, he claimed
he was going to play basketball with the Alaska Team.  Sensing something
suspicious, Mr. Caasi was brought to the security office for questioning.  

It was established that the suspect had been on campus several times in the
last three months.  A guard remembers him as a mentally disturbed person
that had to be kept out of the campus.  This time however, security tried
to establish the suspect's identity (he carried no ID) and determine the
contents of the rattan bag he was carrying.  Items found  were the

1.	Bible diary for 1998
2.	Meditation book
3.	Phone book
4.	Metrobank withdrawal slip with Rod Caasi, Jr. written on it.
5.	Ball pen also with Rod Caasi, Jr. written on paper attached to it.
6.	P1,800 pesos cash
7.	Aluminum foil
8.	Aluminum pipe (tooter) and used aluminum foil
9.	Two plastic lighters
10.	Plastic sachet containing residue of what appears to be "shabu"

What was mistaken for behavior of a mentally disturbed person may actually
be that of one high on prohibited drugs.  LSIA investigators were called in
to determine if the suspect is a pusher and identify the contact person or
persons on campus.  This was attempted for two hours but the suspect was
incoherent and could not provide reliable information. 

Early in the afternoon, the suspect was turned over to the PNP Precinct 9
for appropriate action.  No charges could be filed against him as no
prohibited drug nor weapon was found in his possession.  In the meantime,
campus security will intensify ID checks and surveillance of suspicious

Any information regarding the suspect Rod Caasi is welcome.  The community
is requested to be vigilant and assist campus security by reporting the
presence of suspicious persons and activities on campus.  

This 14 November 2001 Security Bulletin is also  posted at:
http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Advisory

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