[Blueboard] Situation Report - 12 November 2001

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Nov 12 14:37:18 PHT 2001

                               SITUATION REPORT
                          (Monday, 12 November 2001)

POWER:  Only three of the ten Quezon City fire inspectors have submitted
their reports on the three buildings in the Loyola Schools complex.  The
electrical inspection has also been suspended and no report is expected
until the whole campus has been inspected.

COMMUNICATION:  PLDT's Visa Cash Card with smart chips is on hold.  The
smart card offers the possibility of a multi-purpose ID (personal data,
cash card etc.) for faculty, staff and students.  Developments regarding
this project will be posted soon.     

WATER:  The upgrading of the MWC water supply line is scheduled for
completion at the end of the month.  

TRAFFIC:  The PNP TMG (Traffic Management Group) is responsible for traffic
along Katipunan.  Three TMG personnel outside Gate 3 are specifically
assigned to apprehend vehicles violating the volume reduction scheme (color
coding) and other traffic violations.  Vehicles leaving Ateneo have not
been exempted from the apprehension.

SECURITY:  Early last Friday afternoon, Ms. Marrissa F. Ayson, a High
School teacher caught an intruder inside the faculty workroom/offices.
When challenged, the suspect made a hasty exit.  The incident was
immediately reported to campus security.  North Sector-in-Charge Orlando P
Manzala got the description of the suspect from Ms. Ayson and sounded the
alarm.  Within minutes, one of the five guards who converged in the area
spotted the suspect entering Miriam College from EAPI grounds.  The Ateneo
guards pursued the woman with the security personnel of Miriam and
apprehended the suspect inside the Miriam campus. 

33 years old, single, 5' tall, weighing approximately 150 lbs. 
Residing at 2633 Dagupan Ext., Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila

The trespasser was identified as Ms. Magnolia Santos Gutierrez from a
Pag-Ibig ID she presented in order to get a visitor pass to Miriam College.
Apparently, she entered Miriam College before proceeding to the Ateneo
High School, where no visitor pass is required.  Ms. Gutierrez got past the
receptionist of the HS administration building on the pretext of using the
toilet.  She then proceeded to the faculty offices.  Ms. Ayson positively
identified her as the intruder but pressed no charges as nothing was stolen
at the High School. 

Ms. Gutierrez is not new to the Ateneo.  She had been apprehended in the
early 1990's under similar circumstances.  She was younger and much thinner
then.  The community is requested to immediately notify security should she
be seen on campus again.  

Last Saturday, two college students lost their cellular phones on campus.
One lost her phone in the dorm and another in the tennis court.  The latter
managed to talk with the thief who answered her stolen phone.  The thief
offered to return the Nokia 8210 for P5000 if the student would meet him at
Jollibee.  The student went to Jollibee but the thief did not show up.  

The pictures of key LSIA (Leopard) security personnel are in the Univ.
Physical Plant's Web site http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Structure
section.  The pictures of key Eaglewatch security personnel for
APS-Rockwell and the guards at APS-Salcedo will be posted in the web page
late this week. 

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS:  Loyola Schools is conducting a seminar for its
Disaster Assistance Team today.  A senior PNP officer, P/Supt Jesse V
Balanay is among the speakers together with key Leopard Security personnel
invited by LS.  Other units may also avail of the assistance of LSIA in
this area.

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